Live Blog – Social Media Biz: Doing Business on Twitter & Facebook – SSSS 2010

Social Media Biz : Doing Business on Twitter & Facebook
Rae Hoffman, Julia Gorzka, Joe Hall & Brian Chappell moderated by Jordan Kasteler of Search & Social

Rae Hoffman –

Doing Business on Twitter

Custom URLs
Twitter is the highest revenue producer
Facebook takes second
SEO Benefits
Toolbar usage signals

Developing your twitter account
Customize your profile
Finding people to follow
Decide your angle
Identify competitors
Utilize twitter search
Engaging Users
Use a program like to manage multiple account
Serve your followers, not yourself
Run contests and promotions
When your have thousands and thousands of users you don’t get to see anybody’s tweets. Friend of Follow can help get rid of dead accounts or those with too many followers to pay attention to you.

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Live Blog – On Site SEO Tactics – SSSS 2010

On-Site SEO Tactics
Greg Boser, Michael Gray & Todd Malicoat moderated by Dave Snyder of Search & Social

Todd Mailcoat:

SEO Playbook:
Links & Content

Link architecture and breadcrumbs

All internal links are not created equal

Avoid using the same keywords throughout the site.
Vary the keywords in addition to the anchor text
Anchor text can help with scraped RSS feeds.

Site types:
Blogs –
Tag Clouds
Better for internal searches
Editorially Link Back
Link to your best posts
Outbound links – Link out to Authoritative sites

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Live Blog – SEO Site Clinic – SSSS 2010

In-House SEO : Tactics for Managing Multiple Sites & Headaches

Jessica Bowman of, Tony Adam of Myspace! & Kathryn Katz of Consolidated Credit moderated by Loren Baker of Search & Social

Jessica Bowman SEO In House-

Define the Strategy
Code changes
Changes live on Site

First three steps are what happen, second three are difficult to get up and going

Keeping everyone in line with your approach to SEO.

80% of your time is spent selling SEO

SEO PR Campaign
Dog & Pony Show
Lunch & Learns
Company Magazine
Regular SEO Updates
After-show presentations

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Sloow Weekend Ahead

I know this weekend is going to be slow. How do I know already? Anytime something is expected on a certain date the seconds, minutes, hours automatically become twice as slow. I’m speaking in reference to Search & Social Spring Summit. I’m ready to head out, but Tara and I won’t be leaving until mid-afternoon on Sunday. I’m covering for Pastor Ryan since he had his surgery, then as soon as church lets out, we’re outta here!

We won’t be getting into to Tampa until midnight due to the plane hopping we’ll be doing, three airports I think. But I’m still planning on getting up bright and early the next day for the first of many amazing sessions to come. I’m planning on live blogging at the event so check back on Monday and Tuesday for some great updates from some fantastic speakers. If anyone has some advice on live blogging I’d love to hear it. Right now I’ve got the pages set, I just need to be at the event for the speakers.

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CAUTION: Shameless Plugging Ahead

I’ll keep this really short and sweet. First of all, I have a question to my readers. Is it wrong to plug articles that haven’t been published yet? I probably should’ve mentioned that in the one I wrote for experts-exchange. Ohhh another shameless plug!

I’ve got two posts coming up this week. One tomorrow at Search Engine Journal entitled, ‘Nestle, palm oil and social media Oh My!‘. It’s an interview with Marketing Pilgrim’s Frank Reed about what happened in addition to a brief recap of the situation and where it currently stands. I think it’ll get some good response, so read it, retweet, enjoy and leave a comment :-) .

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Vaca Recap: Leacture and Float Trip

Well it was a long weekend for me. Tara, Preston and I left for Arkansas thursday afternoon with the Disney soundtrack blaring. As a side note I think I may be suffering from acute middle ear infection due to 15 hours of the Imagination Movers & Agent OSO jingles, that’s another post entirely. Aside that the drive down was pretty good.

At OBU I was ready to go through the entire outline I had set, but at the last second I decided to just let the students dictate the course of the lecture. I opened with a general explanation of social media, then went over the 5 major categories of social outlets:

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195lb Guest Lecture

Well it finally happened. I hit 200lbs. The weather finally got warm enough and I got the chance to start running again (well jogging anyway). I went close to two miles round trip. Not bad for my first time out in nearly a year. I’m thinking the push-ups and weights may have gotten my body in decent enough shape to jog. I’m hoping by next weekend I’ll finally be down around 195, the lowest my weight has been since I got hit with that stupid golf ball (another post for another time).

Also by that time I’ll be presenting social media marketing and public relations at OBU. Not a bad way to start the weekend. I just hope I don’t ruin it on the float trip. Because we all know the healthy food associated with frat guys camping out.

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Social Media Predictions for the rest of 2010

The first quarter of the year has flown by (assuming your quarter started in January like mine did) and wow, it has been a whirlwind of information and changes. From the release of Google Buzz to the Nestle Fan Page fiasco. Changes have certainly been happening. So what does this mean for the rest of the year? Here are a few of my thoughts:

“Facebook will either make a move to entice social marketers or push them further away.”

The release of ‘community pages’ was well, lack luster. There is no incentive for people to use community pages marketers or not. Why start something only to have the possibility of losing it later? Just in case you are reading this and haven’t heard. When you start a community page, it gets deemed ‘popular’ everyone in the community is an equal. You lose all administrative rights and can’t control what happens within the community. Sound like fun? I think not. Add this to the distaste growing for Facebook amount the social media marketers, Facebook needs to make a change. Starting by clearly defining who groups/fan pages/communities are for. When you give a user numerous options and no definative explanation, confusion occurs.

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So I’m on my way back to work when I get a notification on my phone via Twitter that I’ve been mentioned in a tweet. When I get a chance I look down to see that I’ve won a ticket to the upcoming Search & Social Spring Summit in Tampa, FL! I was so surprised. I actually forgot I entered in one of the contests. You can read about the contest and story below (Pardon the typos!):

And the winners for the 2010 Search & Social Spring Summt are…

I was stunned. I still am :-) . But it’s a good thing. This is my first conference in this industry to attend, I’m getting to hear some amazing speakers, meet a lot of the people I’ve gotten to know online. I’m amped! You can count on my blogging about it often while I’m there. Tara is going to go with me so it is definitely going to be a blast! Thanks for reading!

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