Well it was a long weekend for me. Tara, Preston and I left for Arkansas thursday afternoon with the Disney soundtrack blaring. As a side note I think I may be suffering from acute middle ear infection due to 15 hours of the Imagination Movers & Agent OSO jingles, that’s another post entirely. Aside that the drive down was pretty good.

At OBU I was ready to go through the entire outline I had set, but at the last second I decided to just let the students dictate the course of the lecture. I opened with a general explanation of social media, then went over the 5 major categories of social outlets:

  • Bookmarking
  • Networking
  • Blogging
  • Microblogging
  • Media Sharing

I brought up some best practices and a few ways to ruin efforts. Then I asked the question that really changed the direction of the course. “How many of you are planning on using social media in your career after college?” Of the twenty students in the room, eight raised their hands, three seemed unsure, the rest stared blankly at me (I did this too many times in college too). From there I touched lightly on using social media when job hunting, then moved on to some case studies in regards to social media and public relations (this was a PR class after all).

Nestle was the big topic, but we also went over Comcast, Dell and of course Greenpeace. After around 30 minutes Q & A time arrived. One of the first questions came after I had mentioned I spend around 30 minutes a day at Chemidex updating their social media profiles. A young lady up front asked, “What do you do the rest of the time at work?” Everyone laughed, myself included. I explained a little more about the daily SEO routine which opened up another can of worms. The mention of SEO really perked some ears up. Given the opportunity I think the students interested in SEO would have drained me. So before leaving I left a list of sources to learn SEO in addition to keeping up with the day to day industry news. Before I knew it the time was up and Dr. Root pulled the Academy Award fake clap call on me. Not really, but it would have been funny if he did.

From the class I readied myself for a weekend jampacked with Texas hold’em, camping out, canoeing, and cigars (only time of the year I get away with it). I was really pumped for this but after hearing the number of guys going was to drop from 25 to 8, I was a little disheartened. A few guys are in the military and had training, another had a baby due, and one (whom we planned this weekend around *cough* Jerad Sears *cough*) had a church event come up. Had I been ranting on twitter this would have been #fail #epicletdown. The rest were active members who backed out mostly because of school work due shortly that had been procrastinated, a common thread among the Etas.

The trip was still great, I got a chance to fellowship with some of the newer members and reconnect with some alumni. The camping was nice, thought two tents across from ours had electrical wires running to them. Still debatable if that is ‘camping’ or not. When we began our route down the Caddo Valley River we had to take a longer route due to the low amount of rain. Close to 18 miles if I remember correctly. Most of us got sunburned really bad, but it was still fun. The most excitement happened on the last day when my canoe capsized. A fellow alumni and myself got pulled into a fast current that wedged our canoe under a log that knocked us out. I’ve never seen water fill up so fast. Everyone was okay, nothing broken, lost, destroyed. Next year I hope the rest of the guys can show up so we can have even more fun than we had this year. I really look forward to this every year, no matter who goes it’s always a fun time.

That does it for me guys, thanks for reading!

I recently had another article approved at Experts-Exchange, so go read it, enjoy it and laugh at the fact I’m plugging an article about plugging. I wonder how the link flow will work in that regards?