I know this weekend is going to be slow. How do I know already? Anytime something is expected on a certain date the seconds, minutes, hours automatically become twice as slow. I’m speaking in reference to Search & Social Spring Summit. I’m ready to head out, but Tara and I won’t be leaving until mid-afternoon on Sunday. I’m covering for Pastor Ryan since he had his surgery, then as soon as church lets out, we’re outta here!

We won’t be getting into to Tampa until midnight due to the plane hopping we’ll be doing, three airports I think. But I’m still planning on getting up bright and early the next day for the first of many amazing sessions to come. I’m planning on live blogging at the event so check back on Monday and Tuesday for some great updates from some fantastic speakers. If anyone has some advice on live blogging I’d love to hear it. Right now I’ve got the pages set, I just need to be at the event for the speakers.

That does it for me guys. Like I said, check back on Monday for the first of many posts to come from Search & Social Spring Summit 2010!