5 Questions with Ask Aaron Lee

If you use Twitter heavily, chances are you’ve heard of AskAaronLee. I’ve followed him for just about a year now and finally decided, I would ask Aaron Lee some questions. 5 to be exact, here is what I asked and what he had to say:

Twitter has been around since July 2006 you joined in March of 2009. How did you hear about it? Why did you join twitter? What were you expectations, if any? And how does it compare to other social media networks?

Aaron: I actually started off offering social bookmarking services back in 2009. I would help people to bookmark their blog post or websites. One of the place I help people to put their link was twitter. Then when I was on twitter, I started to follow some people. I was like “what are they doing” I participated and talked with some people. Loved it ever since. I didn’t really have any expectations just to participate with what people are talking about.

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