I’ll keep this really short and sweet. First of all, I have a question to my readers. Is it wrong to plug articles that haven’t been published yet? I probably should’ve mentioned that in the one I wrote for experts-exchange. Ohhh another shameless plug!

I’ve got two posts coming up this week. One tomorrow at Search Engine Journal entitled, ‘Nestle, palm oil and social media Oh My!‘. It’s an interview with Marketing Pilgrim’s Frank Reed about what happened in addition to a brief recap of the situation and where it currently stands. I think it’ll get some good response, so read it, retweet, enjoy and leave a comment :-) .

Later this week I’ve got my first post with Blog Godown coming up. I’m finalizing it today and sending it in. This post is called, ‘How to get any job using social media‘. When I was on the float trip with my college buddies a few of them kept talking about how hard it was to find a job and one of them was explaining me how bad his wife wanted to find a new job. So I wrote this specially for them. With social media gaining so much ground so quickly I felt I need to show those not involved with social media how it can be used to enhance a person’s resume and possibility of getting an interview.

As I promised, short and sweet. I’ll add some links to the posts below as well as to the page ‘Posts around the net’ when they go live. Thanks for reading!