What the Wonder Pets can teach us about SEO

For those thinking what the heck are the wonder pets and why are they in a SEO post?! Wait until you have kids, you’ll be surprised by how many different analogies pop up you didn’t expect. I promise you’ll enjoy this post.

My wife and I have a 16 month old, Preston. You might see his photo in the media box to the left. He is pretty cute, takes after his mom. One of his favorite shows is the ‘Wonder Pets’ and a verse in a song they sing goes, “We’re not too big, we’re not too tough, but when we work together we’ve got the right stuff.” Essentially teaching the kids that working together can solve any problem. Hearing this jingle while putting Preston to bed last night caused me to remember the first question Joe Larato was asked in an interview for the Search Engine Journal, “What are the most common mistakes newbie SEOs make?” The first part of Joe’s response, “Search Engine Optimization has changed over the years. I would say there are three distinct generations of SEOers: the meta taggers, the link builders, and the social media marketers. I have seen newbie SEOs try to choose one path for optimization. For long term success all areas and disciplines of Search Engine Optimization need to be addressed and made part of the ongoing strategy.”

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First time with Development

Quick question, when you first got involved with SEO how much did you interact with a development team? I’m asking because recently I’ve discovered an aspect of working as an in house SEO I’ve not faced yet. If you’ve read the ‘About Me‘ page, then you know how I got my start. If not here is the ‘watered down’ version. A company I worked for needed a cheap way to market online. As the designated webmaster it was my duty to figure this out. So I found SEO, applied it, was good at it, SEO became a passion for me, here we are today. Working as a digital marketing specialist for an awesome company. So what does this have to do with a development team? Well a few weeks ago I wrote a post about getting started with some big projects. Since then, I’ve been researching competition, writing content, and checking backlinks to design some landing pages. So when I had the first draft ready, I was told, “Great, lets get a concept page for the development team and get it in the que.” I replied with, “Wha?”

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Big Change around the corner

I’ll go ahead and admit it. March 30th, 2010 is my birthday. I turned 26. As a present my wife is getting me thesis. Wow, what a nerdy gift. And I like it!

For those that have been checking on my blog from time to time you might have notice the theme has changed quite a bit. Well tomorrow/today (pending when I finish this post) I will be downloading thesis (curtosy my wife) and working on my own layout over the next few days. I’ve used a lot of themes, different styles and I like the ones that I’ve seen done with thesis such as:

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How much should a new SEO charge?

This post has been building within me for a while now, ever since I overheard someone wanting to start up their own SEO consulting business while learning it at the same time. Essentially seeking out paying clients while learning SEO. Putting the cart before the horse? I think so. But for argument sake let’s say that a person was to do this. What should he/she charge? Where should he/she expect to get clients? What type of clients for that matter? A person asking themselves these questions is a new SEO. Let me define ‘new SEO’ before getting too deep into this article. In regards to this post, a new SEO is someone who has absolutely no experience whatsoever. A new SEO has only read about how search engine optimization works, but has not applied it.

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5 Great SEO Tools to use

Well after writing a post that one could misinterpret as ‘bashing SEO tools’ I thought it necessary to write something more positive. So here are my top 5 SEO Tools to use that I use:

1. SEOBOOK Toolbar

This toolbar has a TON of great gadgets that can preoccupy anyone pretty much all day. While this does have a lot of options that some of the other tools have, my favorite things about this toolbar is the quick access bookmarks and the SEO X-Ray. The bookmarks contain numerous informational sites all at your finger tips, and as any SEO will tell you being well informed (and read) is a good thing. The SEO X-Ray is the perfect tool for a quick look at the current webpage. This provides a look at the meta data, number of links going to that page and gives you the option to refine which types of links you wish to look at. There are a lot of other options with this one, but those are my favs. This can be found by registering at seobook.com.

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Long weekend & looks like a longer week

Well my weekend started with finalizing a video for Chemidex. I used Camtasia although I’ve been flirting with other types of software. It was a tough export, but I’m very pleased with the results. When I get the okay I’ll post it here. Until then it’s ‘top secret’. Most of my weekend was spent working on the video, tweaking things here and there. But all to make the product better, I don’t mind working on the weekend although my wife isn’t to excited about it.

To top it all off, my Jayhawks lost. Very depressing, not so much for my bracket but just because this was looking to be a stellar year for KU, and it was. But winning the title would have been sweet. Next year is going to be very tough, with the possibility of losing four players it is gonna be hard to get back to title contention status. Don’t get me wrong the other guys are a excellent ball players, but there is no set leader on the team like there was this year. Someone needs to step up, and until that happens I think they will always be dangerous but they won’t be legit for another two years tops. I love my Jayhawks, just keeping it real.

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SEO tools are just tools

When I first got into SEO I signed up for a bunch of different newsletters and RSS feeds. The one thing I did know starting out was that I needed to stay up to date on all SEO news. At the time I was getting maybe 20 emails a day, now I get maybe 10. I weeded down the amount of email I got for two reasons:

  • The content of the newsletter was already coming to me from another source
    • In this case the duplicated news was coming a few hours after I already got it from the original source
    Some newsletters sent me more offers about their products and services than they did about any actual news that had to offer.
    • While I did find some neat tools, I tired of hearing about he same products packaged differently.

    The second reason is the inspiration for this post. Now don’t get me wrong, I love online tools for SEOs. They can be very beneficial, great aids and provide good insight. But that’s the extent of their use.

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Social Media privacy concerns – Really?!

I’ve been given the opportunity to speak at my college around the middle of April about social media in the work place. I was a little nervous at first what with such a time frame to prepare and everyone knows this industry is always changing. I’ve decided I’ll just do my best with whatever is current and I’ll be fine. Then early this week I read the following articles and thought I need to address these topics in my presentation:

Undercover Feds on Social Networking Sites Raise Questions
Feds My Send Agents Undercover On Social Networking Sites

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2010 Tournament is underway!

Well it is officially tournament time. If you haven’t filled out a bracket, do so now. The Big 12 is being represented well this year, with a few surprise entrants including K-State and Baylor. I mean yeah, they are ranked but no one would have seen them reaching this point from the beginning of the season. So I’ve got high hopes for them. A lot of teams are really stepping up, the tournament this year will be very competitive making each game worth watching. And of course, I’ll be cheering for my Jayhawks the entire way. Our bench is deep, but I’ll admit this may be our last shot at a national title for a few years. Not doubting the team but with losing Collins to graduating and possibly Aldrich to the draft this year, the other guys will need to step up in a big way to have the same caliber team that we’ve got in the tournament this year. But that’s next year, this year before each game I ask you to recite the following:

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Social Media is just cool!

A Level Playing Field

Let me get that straight, organic social media is cool, no paid ads (which are nice ^_^). The reason I’m a big fan of it is the level playing field. Small business owners have just as much a chance at succeeding as the huge conglomerates. When it comes to just the normal profiles and activity it’s anyones game. Sure the big companies can just hire a team to run their social media efforts, but if a team of 2-3 people who are inept of social media vs. 1 person who knows what he/she is doing; my money is on the 1 person. Or it could be reversed, the team could know it all and the 1 person may be inept, the point is to know how to use it.

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