Plugins Galore!

Okay I lied, it’s not plugins galore only five of them. But still, they’re pretty awesome. If there’s one thing that can help make using a WordPress blog easier, its plugins. I can say for certain all of the ones I’ve listed below have helped me in one way or another. Some of these plugins require more work than others, but it’s only to give you complete control over what you want them to do. More than enjoying the read, I hope you find them as useful as I have.

Widget Context

I found this plugin while searching for a solution to my company blog issue. We wanted to have categories and archives only show up on certain pages. So I asked for some help in the WordPress forums and it didn’t take long for someone to recommend this little gem. This give you complete control over your widgets and which pages you want them to show up on. If you have a lot of widgets you want to sort be warned, you have to set the page setting on each widget you have and add. So if you were thinking about using WordPress for a company website but didn’t want the widgets to show up, but wanted to use them in some areas, this plugins for you.

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Conference hashtags you should pay attention to

I’ve had the privilege to go to some fantastic search marketing conferences this year. However, there are some great conferences going on right now I wish I could be at but can’t. I’d love to, but that’s a lot of money and traveling. Not to mention many conferences overlap each other. Thankfully there is a way to get a lot of information from these conferences without attending. I’m talking of course about monitoring the hashtag for each conference. Conference goers frequently tweet key points and links to resources referenced throughout the sessions. Also, when each session is over those who have been live blogging the session will be posting their notes for everyone to read and learn.

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Looking for Guest Bloggers

Lately I’ve been pretty busy with work, side projects and my personal life; so rather than ignore my blog I’m on the look out for some guest bloggers. Topics can vary, but ideally I’d like them to be related to the Internet in some manner or another. If you have some previous experience please send me the link where I can read it. If you’ve never guest blogged before I’d love have you write something. While you can comment on this post I’d rather you use the information on the ‘Contact Me‘ page or just blast me an email at For the initial email, please no attachments, just the following format:

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