The Microsoft Arc Mouse is just awesome!

I normally don’t do product reviews. So when I come across something that is really amazing I try to tell as many people as I can about it. Just over a year ago, for my birthday, I bought the latest mouse Microsoft had put out, the Arc. From the first time I saw this mouse I really liked it. From the sleek style and fold to storage ability to the accuracy and lengthy battery life, the Arc has it all. So here we go, my review of the Microsoft Arc:

Battery Life:

I use this every day and have been for just over a year. I’ve only had to change the batteries four times or so, roughly every three months. The indicator when it is unfolded is a big help for me to know how the battery is doing. Green it’s good to go, red maybe another week of good usage before needing to change the batteries out. The brand of battery used has also played a factor I’ve noticed. Traditionally I use Energizer, but other brands such as Duracell have given me similar results.

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