Well it finally happened. I hit 200lbs. The weather finally got warm enough and I got the chance to start running again (well jogging anyway). I went close to two miles round trip. Not bad for my first time out in nearly a year. I’m thinking the push-ups and weights may have gotten my body in decent enough shape to jog. I’m hoping by next weekend I’ll finally be down around 195, the lowest my weight has been since I got hit with that stupid golf ball (another post for another time).

Also by that time I’ll be presenting social media marketing and public relations at OBU. Not a bad way to start the weekend. I just hope I don’t ruin it on the float trip. Because we all know the healthy food associated with frat guys camping out.

I probably won’t be very active on here or anywhere online after 3:00 PM friday as that’s when the festivities start and my iPhone isn’t exactly water/pledge proof. But if I get a chance to take some pictures rest assured (cuz I know you’ll lose sleep) some photos will be up the following week.

Last paragraph and I’ll call it a post. I finally got a XBox 360, I’ll be hooking it up later tonight for some gaming online. Call of Duty 2, hit me up on twitter for my handle and we’ll play online.

Sorry for the short post. But then again I know you need to get back to work and not spending time not the net reading my senseless ramblings. :-P

P.S. What does everyone think of the recent changes in the search results? I’ve got some mixed feelings on the matter.