Advanced Paid Search Tactics
Dave Szetela, Ryan Sammy, Janel Landis Laravie moderated by Loren Baker of Search & Social

David Szetela, Clix Marketing –

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Why Facebook is GREAT PPC
400 million customers
Relatively low competition
Insanely great targeting capabilities
Very specific geo targeting

Create a separate account on Facebook for advertising
Search for targets by:
Relationship Status
Sexual Preference

Set budgets & bids

Implement Conversion Tracking
This is currently in beta

Conversion performance
Three day delay in reporting

Responder Profile Report
Tells you the interests of those who clicked on the ads to further narrow future ads.

Good help files on Facebook.

Ads at the top of Gmail

Create a placement targeted ad group:
Place my ad at the top of Gmail accounts

New conversion optimizer features
Automated bid management integrated into every account you have.
No longer having to log in to change ad pricing

View-through conversions

VTC= conversions that occur after the banner ad has been viewed but not clicked.

Clix estimate: 50% accurate

Janel Landis Laravie –

Match Types –
Broad – Good for finding additional search queries
Phrase – “Add Quotes” – Good Happy Medium
Exact – “Brackets”

Broad matches are a box of chocolates
Synonyms – Quick books & Accounting Software
Relevant Variants – Princess Protection Program part 1 & Home Security Advertiser

Search query performance report
Match types – bidding on more than one
Avoid competing against yourself

If your ad displays below the fold, you don’t know if someone has seen your ad.

Ryan Sammy, Search & Social –

Product extensions can help increase conversions for PPC

Site links in Ads

Allows you to add site links to your paid ads, only when your returned ad is in the first position

Allows site owners to track users who have either visited a category of your site, abandoned a cart, show interest in a product, etc. It then displays relevant ads on websites they visit after leaving your site.

Go to the audience settings tab to set it up.

Track users who have purchased an items to see if they have returned or not. It is possible to track that user for up to 100 days to pull them back to your site.

A major benefit of remarketing is the ability to target users how have already shown interest. Use it to also reclaim users who have abandoned a shopping cart.
Higher conversion rates, and a very efficient when spending your budget on PPC.

*Great Panel, Very Informative!*