#FF Helpful Edition – Why These Tweeps?

Twitter can be used in a variety of ways. Some good and some, well, not so good. Lately I’ve started putting my trust in my twitter network to ask some questions, and I’ve found answers every time. In this edition of Follow Friday I’ve selected the accounts that I’ve found to not only be response, but very helpful. And if these tweeps don’t have the answer, they either know who knows or know where to get the answer/help at. Not just anyone can do this. I mean sure you throw enough darts at a board one will hit the bullseye. But these peeps toss’em out one at a time and hit the center mark every. single. time. So it is with great privilege and honor I present to you, #FF Helpful Edition:

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My first vlog attempt…

As promised here’s my first vlog post, a walkthrough of the new Digg. Or rather, my attempt. As soon as I got started the wireless connection I was using kicked me off. I’ll admit I was snaking it from our neighbors as ours hadn’t been set up yet. I didn’t want to give up, so I trudged on anyway. Ironically a few hours after I finished we got our connection set up. Rather than do it over again I watched what I had done and decided to go ahead with it. Ready or not here we go, my first vlog post (roughly 3 min. sorry if it’s a little fuzzy):

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Kansas City Edition Follow Friday

Every Friday that has come around since I’ve gotten plugged into Twitter it’s been interesting to see who other people nominate to follow. Most of the time a tweet looks something like this:

And while some may argue this is fine, I’d like to know why them? I’m not the only one who feels this way:

So to make the most of Follow Friday/#FF/#FollowFriday, how however you hastag it, I’ve created a short list of tweeps to follow.This Follow Friday is dedicated to my local Twitter friends. I’m sad to say that when I first started exploring networks in search and social marketing my local network has been the last one I’ve looked at. That really needs to be added to my list for using social media to find a job. Local networks are vital and luckily I have connected, on an entry level, with a group here in the Kansas City area. So without further ado here is a short list of local tweeps to follow (with reason):

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Keeping Private on Foursquare

A few days ago I read a really good post about privacy in regards to foursquare and twitter. The guy is a genius, and really showed me more than I already knew about how dangerous foursquare could be. I also listened to him for a bit on Webmaster Radio yesterday talking about it. The chat room there gave me an idea for this post. We were joking around saying whoever breaks into a house should also check in to that house on foursquare. Funny to joke with, but as an avid foursquare user I thought, “Is it possible to be active and still maintain privacy? So I spent a few days scrubbing and testing my account and I’ve come up with some tips to be active and remain completely private.

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What Twitter is/What Twitter isn’t

I’m gonna start this off by saying there are many different ways to use Twitter. Individuals can use it for whatever way they want to. This post is completely satirical and merely reflects the funniest/oddest/dumbest tweets I’ve read lately. At the end of this post if you’ve come across any tweets that you think are completely insane, please share with the class. Enjoy 🙂

What Twitter is:
A way to connect with others-

What Twitter isn’t:
A place to gripe about not getting a tip-

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Looking for Guest Bloggers

Lately I’ve been pretty busy with work, side projects and my personal life; so rather than ignore my blog I’m on the look out for some guest bloggers. Topics can vary, but ideally I’d like them to be related to the Internet in some manner or another. If you have some previous experience please send me the link where I can read it. If you’ve never guest blogged before I’d love have you write something. While you can comment on this post I’d rather you use the information on the ‘Contact Me‘ page or just blast me an email at jt@joshuatitsworth.com. For the initial email, please no attachments, just the following format:

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Networking: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, The Shameless and the Spineless

I had the privilege of going to Search and Social Spring Summit 2010 (SSSS) this year. It was great meeting new people, finally meeting those I only knew via Twitter. It couldn’t have been any better. Before heading to my first ever search conference I asked someone for some advice. I mean I’ve been to conferences before, but never to one that I was so excited to go to. I didn’t want to make a fool of myself or break some “unspoken taboo”. I was told to smile, and stay away from the gossip. Staying away from gossip is no problem, but smiling? Now, I’m a nice guy but I’ve been told I don’t exactly wear my emotions on my face. So I tried to smile as much as possible. So to those I met at SSSS and I wasn’t smiling, sorry, hope this makes up for :-).

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Back from SSSS and I’m slightly scared…

Let me start of my saying that after going to Search & Social Spring Summit 2010, I’m really scared. I’m scared that the conferences I go to from this point on won’t live up to the awesomness that this conference was! Before you go AH HA! FAN BOY! Hear me out. This conference wasn’t as big as far as number of attendees go, it was more on a personal scale. Around 120 or so. This isn’t a reflection of those who signed up so much as it is on the number of tickets available.

The first day was great, I met up with just about everyone I’ve connected with via Twitter. For me Twitter has become a powerful way to network, but that’s a topic for another post ;) . I got to know a lot of other individuals whom I’ve never met before. The biggest thing that stood out to me, everyone was really open and willing to chat for a bit. Maybe I’m this surprised by the previous attempts at networking events I’ve been to. I used to work as a Director of Development for a non-profit in Kansas City and I got sent to a lot of networking events. Having never done anything like this before I was pretty intimidated. I mean going to a place where the purpose was to get to know people just so I could use them for my own benefit later kinda made it difficult. There were a lot of people there that were great at networking, but they seemed well fake. I like be genuine, I try to be anyway, listening to others and see if I really can help them or see if they really can help me. At SSSS it just seemed more relaxing, maybe it was everyone in shorts and t-shirts, I don’t know but it was the best networking I’ve ever done. Oh and I think I should mention here that the speakers were just, outstanding! That night was just great. I got to hang out a bit more with some guys I sat with during the conference and well as with a few I met via Twitter. No SEO talk, no sales pitches, just hanging out.

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Social Media Predictions for the rest of 2010

The first quarter of the year has flown by (assuming your quarter started in January like mine did) and wow, it has been a whirlwind of information and changes. From the release of Google Buzz to the Nestle Fan Page fiasco. Changes have certainly been happening. So what does this mean for the rest of the year? Here are a few of my thoughts:

“Facebook will either make a move to entice social marketers or push them further away.”

The release of ‘community pages’ was well, lack luster. There is no incentive for people to use community pages marketers or not. Why start something only to have the possibility of losing it later? Just in case you are reading this and haven’t heard. When you start a community page, it gets deemed ‘popular’ everyone in the community is an equal. You lose all administrative rights and can’t control what happens within the community. Sound like fun? I think not. Add this to the distaste growing for Facebook amount the social media marketers, Facebook needs to make a change. Starting by clearly defining who groups/fan pages/communities are for. When you give a user numerous options and no definative explanation, confusion occurs.

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First time with Development

Quick question, when you first got involved with SEO how much did you interact with a development team? I’m asking because recently I’ve discovered an aspect of working as an in house SEO I’ve not faced yet. If you’ve read the ‘About Me‘ page, then you know how I got my start. If not here is the ‘watered down’ version. A company I worked for needed a cheap way to market online. As the designated webmaster it was my duty to figure this out. So I found SEO, applied it, was good at it, SEO became a passion for me, here we are today. Working as a digital marketing specialist for an awesome company. So what does this have to do with a development team? Well a few weeks ago I wrote a post about getting started with some big projects. Since then, I’ve been researching competition, writing content, and checking backlinks to design some landing pages. So when I had the first draft ready, I was told, “Great, lets get a concept page for the development team and get it in the que.” I replied with, “Wha?”

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