As promised here’s my first vlog post, a walkthrough of the new Digg. Or rather, my attempt. As soon as I got started the wireless connection I was using kicked me off. I’ll admit I was snaking it from our neighbors as ours hadn’t been set up yet. I didn’t want to give up, so I trudged on anyway. Ironically a few hours after I finished we got our connection set up. Rather than do it over again I watched what I had done and decided to go ahead with it. Ready or not here we go, my first vlog post (roughly 3 min. sorry if it’s a little fuzzy):

I’ll try to do a better one next time. Until then, let’s see you guys do one. Thanks for stopping by!

Comments (4)

  1. it’s quite interesting
    i am thinking about starting a vlog but i am camera shy

    • Thanks for stopping by Giochi (clever btw I can appreciate that). Vlogs can be fun, and as the my first one depicts, you don’t really have to be in-front of the camera.

  2. Good thing we have our own internet connection now. =)

    • Yeah, I probably should’ve re-recorded the clip, but that’s how I roll. One and done!