Twitter can be used in a variety of ways. Some good and some, well, not so good. Lately I’ve started putting my trust in my twitter network to ask some questions, and I’ve found answers every time. In this edition of Follow Friday I’ve selected the accounts that I’ve found to not only be response, but very helpful. And if these tweeps don’t have the answer, they either know who knows or know where to get the answer/help at. Not just anyone can do this. I mean sure you throw enough darts at a board one will hit the bullseye. But these peeps toss’em out one at a time and hit the center mark every. single. time. So it is with great privilege and honor I present to you, #FF Helpful Edition:

What is there to say about this Napoleon Dynamite look-a-like. He knows his code, plugins, WordPress and Thesis. He’s an encyclopedia of information of all things web development related. Andrew is pretty witty, but will only let you have it after he’s helped you (or during pending of caffeine intake). If he doesn’t know the answer to your problem, which is a rare occasion from what I’ve seen, he knows where to get the solution from.

Don’t let his thuggish exterior fool you, wait…this is Casey right? That’s right, no thuggish exterior, just an extraordinary search geek. This guy has really been a big help to me when it’s come to WordPress and widgets. Casey, in my opinion, also has a pretty extensive rolodex of names to hand out if for whatever reason he himself doesn’t have the answer. Yes, @cyandle is a must follow.

Before you follow his engaging fellow, head to his twitter account>click on his website>find his about me page>read his story. Then>head back to his twitter page>and click follow. It doesn’t matter what question is posed, Josue will provide with his thoughts and/or direct you on the right path. He is really good at responding to inquiries in regards to a poll. Need an opinion? Need another tally? Want more info? @josuediaz is the guy to follow!

I stalkederr followed Ben on twitter for a few months before I actually had a question to ask him. He really helped me out with some WordPress issues I was having as well as with a few hosting issues (we don’t discuss here). I actually got to meet Ben in real life at the Search & Social Spring Summit. And aside the awkward traded glances, “Is that him?”, “Did he look at me?”, “Does my breath stink?”, I can say Ben is a truly nice guy. On & off twitter, what you see/read is what you get. Need help with WordPress? How about Thesis? Need some political comedic relief? Do you enjoy reading witty banter with other bloggers? Then Ben’s the man to follow.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this edition of Follow Friday. I’ll return to my systematically scheduled satirical scribing on Monday. Until then, thanks for reading!

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  1. @norcross is amazing. It’s a pool of knowledge.

  2. Josh,
    You’re far too kind. 🙂

    It’s a pretty cool move to showcase some of your followers. I’ll definitely check out some of the Tweeple you’ve mentioned.

    See you in the Land of Tweets. :p

    Be cool,

    • I’d love to take credit for this concept, but it was @SEOcopy who I first saw do this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always flattered to be mentioned in a #FF. But there are times I just wonder, what’s the deal with this list? And dude your awesome!