Social Media privacy concerns – Really?!

I’ve been given the opportunity to speak at my college around the middle of April about social media in the work place. I was a little nervous at first what with such a time frame to prepare and everyone knows this industry is always changing. I’ve decided I’ll just do my best with whatever is current and I’ll be fine. Then early this week I read the following articles and thought I need to address these topics in my presentation:

Undercover Feds on Social Networking Sites Raise Questions
Feds My Send Agents Undercover On Social Networking Sites

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Social Media is just cool!

A Level Playing Field

Let me get that straight, organic social media is cool, no paid ads (which are nice ^_^). The reason I’m a big fan of it is the level playing field. Small business owners have just as much a chance at succeeding as the huge conglomerates. When it comes to just the normal profiles and activity it’s anyones game. Sure the big companies can just hire a team to run their social media efforts, but if a team of 2-3 people who are inept of social media vs. 1 person who knows what he/she is doing; my money is on the 1 person. Or it could be reversed, the team could know it all and the 1 person may be inept, the point is to know how to use it.

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Picks of the Week 3.11.2010

This week was filled with a mix of SEO and Social Media updates. There were a few of really great articles for beginners in addition to some for experienced SEOs. Since these picks are normally geared toward beginners here we go:

Keyword Research 101 – ClickZ News


Talk about basic. Ron Jones provides some solid information for anyone seeking better knowledge on purchasing better keywords for his/her business. In addition to the information, there are some great links to some very useful tools.

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And the work begins…

Well a little over three months at Chemidex and I finally get my hands dirty, in terms of SEO that is. First on the agenda? Landing pages for high traffic terms/products found on our site. I’m really excited. The sites I’ve worked with, and currently working with, are being optimized for words/phrases that run between 20k and 50k search monthly (according to Google if anyones knows a more accurate tracker I’m all ears). The words for Chemidex, for instance ’surfactant’ runs a little over 200k, I can barely contain my excitement. This is a big challenge for me, and I can’t wait.

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Back from Arkansas and back to work…

So we made the trek back to Kansas from Arkansas. It was pretty uneventful, well except for changing Preston’s diaper in a McDonald’s parking lot at the main entrance while patrons strolled by. Now I’m back at work, getting educational DVDs made for our birth center and planning choreography for tomorrow’s ‘Sing for your Supper’ Mercy & Truth is participating in. I’ll be playing a background dancer holding a giant syringe and stuffing a pillow up my shirt portraying a baby bump. Oh yeah, be jealous. Be very jealous.

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