Every Friday that has come around since I’ve gotten plugged into Twitter it’s been interesting to see who other people nominate to follow. Most of the time a tweet looks something like this:

And while some may argue this is fine, I’d like to know why them? I’m not the only one who feels this way:

So to make the most of Follow Friday/#FF/#FollowFriday, how however you hastag it, I’ve created a short list of tweeps to follow.This Follow Friday is dedicated to my local Twitter friends. I’m sad to say that when I first started exploring networks in search and social marketing my local network has been the last one I’ve looked at. That really needs to be added to my list for using social media to find a job. Local networks are vital and luckily I have connected, on an entry level, with a group here in the Kansas City area. So without further ado here is a short list of local tweeps to follow (with reason):

Sara Paxton is one of the first local tweeps I connected with on Twitter, and is the catalyst for connecting with the rest of this list. She’ll engage online when she isn’t updating one of the three twitter accounts she maintains. Sara knows her stuff, and is my source of knowledge for a lot of things happening locally.

Julie Cort├ęs is probably one of the most unique tweeps I’ve encountered thus far. What she is: engaging | random | twitpic photographer | copy writer | concert attendee | outspoken. What she isn’t: chopped liver. She’s certainly one of the most liveliest accounts I’ve come across and is a person I’d recommend following.

Broday Dorland is actually the first Kansas City tweep I’ve met IRL. I was in need of moving boxing, he needed to get rid of moving boxes. How did we connect? Twitter of course! I’m looking forward to hopefully meet up with this guy at the next SMCjoco function. So how could I not recommend a fellow dad/husband/social media marketer (who actually knows how to use it) to follow?

Jeff Smith is a geek. Hey, it says so in his handle. I’ve only been following him for all of two days, haven’t engaged with him that much, but I already know he’s worth following. How do I know? Go look at his twitter page (read his stream), then go checkout his websites. ‘Nuff said. Although it’s early in the twitter communication I’m looking forward to tweeting back and forth, and you should too.

That does it for me guys, thanks for reading and go follow these tweeps!