When I first got into SEO I signed up for a bunch of different newsletters and RSS feeds. The one thing I did know starting out was that I needed to stay up to date on all SEO news. At the time I was getting maybe 20 emails a day, now I get maybe 10. I weeded down the amount of email I got for two reasons:

  • The content of the newsletter was already coming to me from another source
    • In this case the duplicated news was coming a few hours after I already got it from the original source
  • Some newsletters sent me more offers about their products and services than they did about any actual news that had to offer.
    • While I did find some neat tools, I tired of hearing about he same products packaged differently.

The second reason is the inspiration for this post. Now don’t get me wrong, I love online tools for SEOs. They can be very beneficial, great aids and provide good insight. But that’s the extent of their use.

Getting emails from so called ‘SEOs’ hasn’t happened in a while, mainly because of my unsubscribing to a few of the aforementioned newsletters. I call them so called because rather than touting their services, they ramble on and on about the tools they use to promote a site to front page of the major search engines. As a side note, my personal favorite is when they claim to be able to submit a site to 300 search engines, that is hysterical.

Back to SEO tools, again they are great but they don’t make the SEO. Allow me to illustrate:

Two carpenters have to build a house, one a piece using the same types of tools. For argument sake I’ll say they are using the best tools a carpenter can wish for. One carpenter uses wood, shingles, brick/mortar and carefully looks at the foundation to be sure it’s sturdy enough to support the house. The other carpenter is using cardboard, bubble wrap, peanut butter and doesn’t even glance at the foundation. Which do you think is going to build the better house? The one who is using the better material. The same applies with SEO. You can have the best tools around, but if you are using poor content, bad links, and horrific navigation structure, the site won’t perform well. Now, I’ll admit I’ve had some clients that had bad content to begin with, but it is my job as an SEO to help them develop better content that will perform will in the searches. No tool can do that.

Still not convinced? Consider this, SEO is a term that has just recently been coined. The fact is the method of optimizing websites has been around much longer than the term has. There wasn’t a plethora of options for online tools like there is today. In my opinion, if the SEOs of old were able to have great success without (or with very minimal) tools why can’t we today? Once we become totally reliant on products that are designed to aid us I believe our output is of lesser quality.


That does it for me guys. If you have some input as to how I can improve things on my blog I’d love to hear it. Thanks for reading!