Quick question, when you first got involved with SEO how much did you interact with a development team? I’m asking because recently I’ve discovered an aspect of working as an in house SEO I’ve not faced yet. If you’ve read the ‘About Me‘ page, then you know how I got my start. If not here is the ‘watered down’ version. A company I worked for needed a cheap way to market online. As the designated webmaster it was my duty to figure this out. So I found SEO, applied it, was good at it, SEO became a passion for me, here we are today. Working as a digital marketing specialist for an awesome company. So what does this have to do with a development team? Well a few weeks ago I wrote a post about getting started with some big projects. Since then, I’ve been researching competition, writing content, and checking backlinks to design some landing pages. So when I had the first draft ready, I was told, “Great, lets get a concept page for the development team and get it in the que.” I replied with, “Wha?”

Ever since I had learned SEO I was also the one who implemented it as well as making any changes to the website. I’ve never done anything like that before. So I started on the concept document for the development team, which I just finished today. Thankfully I only have to one rather than a concept page for every landing page, I don’t even want to think of having to do that 0_0. I’ve also been blessed that the team I work with know a bit of SEO. So explaining things and working together has been great. Still it is a step I haven’t experienced yet, but I’m curious:

  • What have your experiences been (if any) with working with a web development team?
  • Do you prefer to work alone or in correlation with a development team?
  • In your experience have you ever had to make any compromises on a project? Maybe a page was constructed in a certain manner that wasn’t exactly SEO friendly, but you had to make it work any way? Does this even matter in terms of SEO?

I’m interested to read the responses. Take care everyone!

Pardon the mess, I recently implemented thesis and I’m customizing it to my liking :-)
Thanks for understanding.

That does it for me guys. If you have some input as to how I can improve things on my blog I’d love to hear it. Thanks for reading!