I’ll go ahead and admit it. March 30th, 2010 is my birthday. I turned 26. As a present my wife is getting me thesis. Wow, what a nerdy gift. And I like it!

For those that have been checking on my blog from time to time you might have notice the theme has changed quite a bit. Well tomorrow/today (pending when I finish this post) I will be downloading thesis (curtosy my wife) and working on my own layout over the next few days. I’ve used a lot of themes, different styles and I like the ones that I’ve seen done with thesis such as:

Gray Wolf SEO – Best looking layout by far
As a side note, while these do look great, the content is really good too.

I just love these layouts. While I’m not going to copy these exactly, they will provide some inspiration on how I want it to look. I know it will be tight, how do I know? One, I’m not that ordinary, two, Ben Cook a.k.a. Skittzo (if you read his blog you’ll know why -_^) will help me if I get stuck. The next thing is to start to shape the content of this blog to something, orignal. Which may be difficult, and while everyone’s POV is different, I want to stand out. I think in addition to my thoughts on SEO and related categories, I may start writing reviews on various products used, movies seen, etc. Just to mix things up.

My post today on Search Engine Journal went well. I’m looking forward to continuing to write. Currently I’m going to interviewing someone about some hot topics that have popped up recently. I’m pretty excited about that.


That does it for me guys. If you have some input as to how I can improve things on my blog I’d love to hear it. Thanks for reading!