SEO tools are just tools

When I first got into SEO I signed up for a bunch of different newsletters and RSS feeds. The one thing I did know starting out was that I needed to stay up to date on all SEO news. At the time I was getting maybe 20 emails a day, now I get maybe 10. I weeded down the amount of email I got for two reasons:

  • The content of the newsletter was already coming to me from another source
    • In this case the duplicated news was coming a few hours after I already got it from the original source
    Some newsletters sent me more offers about their products and services than they did about any actual news that had to offer.
    • While I did find some neat tools, I tired of hearing about he same products packaged differently.

    The second reason is the inspiration for this post. Now don’t get me wrong, I love online tools for SEOs. They can be very beneficial, great aids and provide good insight. But that’s the extent of their use.

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Social Media privacy concerns – Really?!

I’ve been given the opportunity to speak at my college around the middle of April about social media in the work place. I was a little nervous at first what with such a time frame to prepare and everyone knows this industry is always changing. I’ve decided I’ll just do my best with whatever is current and I’ll be fine. Then early this week I read the following articles and thought I need to address these topics in my presentation:

Undercover Feds on Social Networking Sites Raise Questions
Feds My Send Agents Undercover On Social Networking Sites

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2010 Tournament is underway!

Well it is officially tournament time. If you haven’t filled out a bracket, do so now. The Big 12 is being represented well this year, with a few surprise entrants including K-State and Baylor. I mean yeah, they are ranked but no one would have seen them reaching this point from the beginning of the season. So I’ve got high hopes for them. A lot of teams are really stepping up, the tournament this year will be very competitive making each game worth watching. And of course, I’ll be cheering for my Jayhawks the entire way. Our bench is deep, but I’ll admit this may be our last shot at a national title for a few years. Not doubting the team but with losing Collins to graduating and possibly Aldrich to the draft this year, the other guys will need to step up in a big way to have the same caliber team that we’ve got in the tournament this year. But that’s next year, this year before each game I ask you to recite the following:

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Social Media is just cool!

A Level Playing Field

Let me get that straight, organic social media is cool, no paid ads (which are nice ^_^). The reason I’m a big fan of it is the level playing field. Small business owners have just as much a chance at succeeding as the huge conglomerates. When it comes to just the normal profiles and activity it’s anyones game. Sure the big companies can just hire a team to run their social media efforts, but if a team of 2-3 people who are inept of social media vs. 1 person who knows what he/she is doing; my money is on the 1 person. Or it could be reversed, the team could know it all and the 1 person may be inept, the point is to know how to use it.

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Picks of the Week 3.11.2010

This week was filled with a mix of SEO and Social Media updates. There were a few of really great articles for beginners in addition to some for experienced SEOs. Since these picks are normally geared toward beginners here we go:

Keyword Research 101 – ClickZ News


Talk about basic. Ron Jones provides some solid information for anyone seeking better knowledge on purchasing better keywords for his/her business. In addition to the information, there are some great links to some very useful tools.

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Controversy, controversy, controversy

Well my second post for Search Engine Journal went up today. And I’ll be honest, I hold my breath each time something I write goes live. But especially so today. The topic of this post was spam. An average person may think how can this possibly make you hold your breath? Well there are all sorts of spammers, aside the ones mentioned in my post. Good and bad (yes there are good spammers, though extremely rare). If you haven’t yet click on the link above, read the article then the comments. Go ahead, I’ll wait….Back already?

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And the work begins…

Well a little over three months at Chemidex and I finally get my hands dirty, in terms of SEO that is. First on the agenda? Landing pages for high traffic terms/products found on our site. I’m really excited. The sites I’ve worked with, and currently working with, are being optimized for words/phrases that run between 20k and 50k search monthly (according to Google if anyones knows a more accurate tracker I’m all ears). The words for Chemidex, for instance ’surfactant’ runs a little over 200k, I can barely contain my excitement. This is a big challenge for me, and I can’t wait.

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Writer’s Block & Test Prep

Well, it has finally happened. Writer’s block, I know I haven’t written everything I can know in regards to SEO and Social Media, I just can’t think of it yet. I’ve read more articles in the past 24 hours than I have in the past month to get some inspiration or ideas. Which is great, I can read anything about internet marketing and enjoy it fully. Currently I’m working on a piece for Search Engine Journal, as of right now I’m thinking about calling it, ‘4 Tips for In-House SEOs’. The tips I’ve got so far I feel are important but, as most of my posts have been, might be controversial. I’m calling them:

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Importing Google Adwords Campaign into Microsoft Adwords is like pulling teeth

I might be over exaggerating a bit. Recently my company decided to begin moving some of our more successful paid campaigns on Google Adwords over to Microsoft’s AdCenter a.k.a Bing’s PPC. I even read on the account manager page for AdCenter about how it is possible to import Google Adwords campaigns. To their credit, it is possible, I just don’t like the process and I’m not sure who I should be more frustrated with, Google or Bing.

Let’s begin with Google Adwords. First of all I love it, come on its Google! I like the ease of creating campaigns, the layout of the charts and even the way you can jump from ads to keywords to settings and back again. However, somethings I can do without are the multiple scroll bars on the screen, the sluggish transitions (experienced on various internet speeds & browsers) as well as fixed header. My biggest pet peeve is the format of the file is exported, the only bit of information missing is of course, the Name of the Campaign, the text that goes along with the ad, and finally the url to the landing page. If only they added that bit of information importing to Bing would be easy as pie. But it isn’t.

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The Lazy Man’s Workout

After a great weekend of doing nothing I’m ready for another week at Chemidex and another week of working out. I’ve dropped close to 10lbs, starting to get some definition back in my arms and chest, I’m feeling good. Here’s my workout (note I am not a professional, I just know some very basic exercises and implement them in a way that fits into my everyday routine):

30 minute Lazy Man Workout:

The first thing I do is get some dumbbells ranging in weight from 10-25lbs.

Once my favorite television show comes on I stretch during the intro. This usually lasts 2-3 minutes (depending on the show), I consider the intro over once the beginning credits stop rolling.

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