Starting up

Well I’m writing today from children’s hair salon. Preston is getting his hair cut and I’m just chilling. I’ve got some plans for my website in addition to this blog (which has gone neglected) to revamp them both into sources of information for npo and small business seo information. I know tjat one of the biggest faults with getting in house seo up and going is staying current with industry news and needing an outlet to ask questions. Well since I read multiple newsletters and blogs daily I think I’ve come up with a way to connect local npos and small business with the info they need without having to dig through information they might never need. I’m excited.

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Ready for the weekend!

Ahh the glorious weekend is ahead. I’m looking forward to taking a few days off. No twitter, blogging, researching, and as of lately Buzz. Haven’t done that in a quite some time. Tara and I might end up taking Preston to some place called, “Monkey Biz”. Basically this place is one HUGE indoor playground. It’ll be a fun time for sure.

Quick Poll – How long does it usually take you to get tired of Twitter/Facebook or any social networking site? For me it takes close to 4-5 hours. So why keep doing it? I have to say mostly peer pressure, I see other on tweeting it up, posting updates and for some reason I think I’ve got to keep up. I am glad to report that the last few weekends I noticed the people I follow closely take the weekend off. Its good to know, as to why I’m following suit.

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Been a while

Yea I know, the blog seems vacated, but its not. I’m at a new job, Preston is running around like crazy. I’m trying to get a handle on things so I can start setting schedule and stick to it!

Changing Times

Well I didn’t think it would happen but it did. I’m ready for another change. Which may be coming sooner than I thought. I knew that the t-mobile thing would be temporary, but I didn’t expect it to wear me out this quick. Normally I’m a great people person, I’ve worked with the worst/best attitudes and still managed to have a great working environment. Here its, well, different. I guess its a big adjustment stepping down from Mercy & Truth Medical Missions to a sales rep position at T-Mobile. I guess I didn’t think it would be this hard. But there is a silver cloud on the horizon, I’ve got a once in a lifetime opportunity coming up on Friday. And I’m going after it like there’s no tomorrow! If its meant to be God will keep the door open, if not, the door will shut in my face. All I can do is follow where he is leading me. Even if I don’t get this job, I see it as a window of where I can be. The fact I’m getting looked at by this company has boosted my esteem in web marketing sooo much. I’m confident I can do this. I know the job description is lacking. But I’ll post more after Friday.

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SEO for NPO’s

I had an epiphany tonight…SEO for non profits isn’t to gain donors online. Its main purpose is to spread information to serve its target audience. Gaining online donors is a by-product of serving others.

I’ll post more later.

Getting a T-Shirt!

Okay, it may not be that big of a deal. However, I recently signed up wit, a website that provides technical answers to those with questions. I registered as an ‘expert’ and began solving problems dealing with search engines, web browsers and search engine optimization. Well, after two looong months I’ve finally reached my first official rank!

So I’m pretty excited to have reached this. In addition they send you a free t-shirt for this accomplishment. Small and to most may not seem like a big deal. But to me this has shown me how much I do know regarding search engines. And I’m not far away from reaching this same level with search engine optimization and web browsers. So when I reach those levels I’ll probably have a similar post.

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T-Mobile so far…

Meh, what can I say? It’s retail. But it is a job. I am learning a lot about explaining technological jargon in layman terms. And I’m brushing up on my people skills. So I can’t complain, its a good learning experience. I’m still doing the SEO consultant thing in hopes to gain enough experience to land a job with a local company. So far I’ve put 3 websites on the front pages of search engines one of which is located in Australia.

On a few brighter notes I’m number one in my fantasy football league! And I’m moving closer to obtaining a Master Status on Check it out:

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