Well, it has finally happened. Writer’s block, I know I haven’t written everything I can know in regards to SEO and Social Media, I just can’t think of it yet. I’ve read more articles in the past 24 hours than I have in the past month to get some inspiration or ideas. Which is great, I can read anything about internet marketing and enjoy it fully. Currently I’m working on a piece for Search Engine Journal, as of right now I’m thinking about calling it, ‘4 Tips for In-House SEOs’. The tips I’ve got so far I feel are important but, as most of my posts have been, might be controversial. I’m calling them:

  • Taking a Crash
  • Less Tools
  • Using Networks
  • Back to where it began

If you want to know what each is about you’ll have to wait for the article to come out ;-) . I guess I’m doomed to have that stigma with my writings, but I guess if my articles weren’t good enough they wouldn’t get published right? So I’ll end up finishing it and submitting it. I’ll deal with the aftermath as I always do, with tact and intellect (yes I do have some, though my wife might argue).

I’m getting really excited for next weekend. I’m planning on taking the Google Analytics Qualification Test. I know GA inside and out. So I’m ready to take the test and see how much I know. I’ve been reading quite a bit on it, but I’ve come across some videos that I feel would be important to watch. I know I need to brush up on setting up funnels and a few other key areas, but I’m sure I’ll be fine. The people I’ve seen that have passed it seemed to do so fairly easy with studying the material provided. So Google does give a person everything needed to succeed, it just takes a time commitment to do so. Still I’m pretty anxious to take it.

I have to confess something. I haven’t been working out as aggressively as I had been the past few days. However, I have been keeping an eye on what and how much I eat which is good to compliment exercising. I’m really ready for the weather to clear up so I can go running, I want to get in shape fast for basketball. The last thing I want is to go back to the courts three steps behind everyone.


That does it for me guys. If you have some input as to how I can improve things on my blog I’d love to hear it. Thanks for reading!