I might be over exaggerating a bit. Recently my company decided to begin moving some of our more successful paid campaigns on Google Adwords over to Microsoft’s AdCenter a.k.a Bing’s PPC. I even read on the account manager page for AdCenter about how it is possible to import Google Adwords campaigns. To their credit, it is possible, I just don’t like the process and I’m not sure who I should be more frustrated with, Google or Bing.

Let’s begin with Google Adwords. First of all I love it, come on its Google! I like the ease of creating campaigns, the layout of the charts and even the way you can jump from ads to keywords to settings and back again. However, somethings I can do without are the multiple scroll bars on the screen, the sluggish transitions (experienced on various internet speeds & browsers) as well as fixed header. My biggest pet peeve is the format of the file is exported, the only bit of information missing is of course, the Name of the Campaign, the text that goes along with the ad, and finally the url to the landing page. If only they added that bit of information importing to Bing would be easy as pie. But it isn’t.

Ah Bing, the proverbial new kid on the search just starting to make a few friends. While I’m not a big fan (I’m more of a meh I’m bored let’s see what else is on kind of fan), I’m starting to warm up to their PPC. The layout is VERY simple, one scroll bar, easy to read, start up and implement campaigns. Sound familiar? Now, there is an option to use a ‘template’ to upload files for campaigns. I thought it was a joke at first. It wasn’t. What they provide is a template, but when I think about it entering in the required information into this form to then upload it Bing is a waste of time when I’m simply moving information from one to the other. I’m better off just creating new campaigns, copy and pasting. It will take the same time and effort.

My main source of frustration is that both Google & Bing offer ways to export/import files from one another, but the import is really difficult and not very user friendly. So, if you happen to have gotten to this point and know of a easy way to import/export campaigns from one to another please enlighten me. I’d love to hear of way, so that the color in my hair can stay natural.


That does it for me guys. If you have some input as to how I can improve things on my blog I’d love to hear it. Thanks for reading!