What Twitter is/What Twitter isn’t

I’m gonna start this off by saying there are many different ways to use Twitter. Individuals can use it for whatever way they want to. This post is completely satirical and merely reflects the funniest/oddest/dumbest tweets I’ve read lately. At the end of this post if you’ve come across any tweets that you think are completely insane, please share with the class. Enjoy 🙂

What Twitter is:
A way to connect with others-

What Twitter isn’t:
A place to gripe about not getting a tip-

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The Microsoft Arc Mouse is just awesome!

I normally don’t do product reviews. So when I come across something that is really amazing I try to tell as many people as I can about it. Just over a year ago, for my birthday, I bought the latest mouse Microsoft had put out, the Arc. From the first time I saw this mouse I really liked it. From the sleek style and fold to storage ability to the accuracy and lengthy battery life, the Arc has it all. So here we go, my review of the Microsoft Arc:

Battery Life:

I use this every day and have been for just over a year. I’ve only had to change the batteries four times or so, roughly every three months. The indicator when it is unfolded is a big help for me to know how the battery is doing. Green it’s good to go, red maybe another week of good usage before needing to change the batteries out. The brand of battery used has also played a factor I’ve noticed. Traditionally I use Energizer, but other brands such as Duracell have given me similar results.

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Looking for Guest Bloggers

Lately I’ve been pretty busy with work, side projects and my personal life; so rather than ignore my blog I’m on the look out for some guest bloggers. Topics can vary, but ideally I’d like them to be related to the Internet in some manner or another. If you have some previous experience please send me the link where I can read it. If you’ve never guest blogged before I’d love have you write something. While you can comment on this post I’d rather you use the information on the ‘Contact Me‘ page or just blast me an email at jt@joshuatitsworth.com. For the initial email, please no attachments, just the following format:

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Don’t go to BlueGlass LA 2010! #blueglassla

CAUTION: The people who brought you Search & Social Summit are heading to LA to kick off BlueGlass LA 2010. I mean sure, LA is a cool town with lots of attractions, great atmosphere and more friendly faces than you can shake a stick at. But do you really want to go there? Not to mention that some of the speakers at this conference are a couple of squares. Just look at this list:

Albeit these are leading industry experts, but look at this list! You’ll get so much information it’ll be like drinking water from a fire hydrant! So why even go? Also considering the chances you’ll get to hang out with these speakers is pretty high if your not spineless, but again why bother? I mean it’s not like you want to network with peers and meet those you’ve been tweeting with online. Do you really want to go have the time of your life in LA with the coolest bunch in the search marketing and social media field? I didn’t think so. I mean who wants to further their knowledge and network in an industry that is constantly evolving?

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Confessions of an in-house n00b

*Deep breath in* *Deep breath out* I…am an in-house newbie. *whew* Now that that’s out of the way, the healing can begin. While I’ve been an in-house SEO for only four months, I’ve been working in the industry for a few years. I got my start at a previous job where I could only practice it a few hours a week. I know there is no such thing as “part-time SEO”, but this was a small non-profit where I had many more duties. But it was enough to get me hooked on search marketing, and I longed for more.

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Networking: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, The Shameless and the Spineless

I had the privilege of going to Search and Social Spring Summit 2010 (SSSS) this year. It was great meeting new people, finally meeting those I only knew via Twitter. It couldn’t have been any better. Before heading to my first ever search conference I asked someone for some advice. I mean I’ve been to conferences before, but never to one that I was so excited to go to. I didn’t want to make a fool of myself or break some “unspoken taboo”. I was told to smile, and stay away from the gossip. Staying away from gossip is no problem, but smiling? Now, I’m a nice guy but I’ve been told I don’t exactly wear my emotions on my face. So I tried to smile as much as possible. So to those I met at SSSS and I wasn’t smiling, sorry, hope this makes up for :-).

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Why You Should Stop Building Links

Backlinks are a good way to increase search rankings, add more access points to your site and establish some great connections. But there are some times during a SEO strategy when you might want to put the breaks on building backlinks.

Where are the links at?

I mentioned this briefly in a contribution to Melissa Fach’s blog, and I felt compelled to elaborate on this a bit more. If you don’t know where your backlinks are coming from, it’s time to pull back slightly and take an audit. If you have the staff, it is possible to continue to build links and have someone go track down current links. Why should you care?

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I’m currently missing an organ…and it’s okay

Well yesterday I left for work pretty early in order to continue the backlink audit. As soon as I got up I had a slight pain in my lower stomach, I blew it off thinking I just slept on it weird. When I got to work I got everything set up on my desk and headed to the break room to make coffee. I emptied out the old coffee and then pain got worse. So I decided to sit down at my desk and wait it out, HUGE mistake. As soon as my lower back hit the chair I felt pain like I’ve never felt before. I quickly grabbed my stuff and went back home. I called Tara and told her I thought I had kidney stones. Boy was I wrong.

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Back from SSSS and I’m slightly scared…

Let me start of my saying that after going to Search & Social Spring Summit 2010, I’m really scared. I’m scared that the conferences I go to from this point on won’t live up to the awesomness that this conference was! Before you go AH HA! FAN BOY! Hear me out. This conference wasn’t as big as far as number of attendees go, it was more on a personal scale. Around 120 or so. This isn’t a reflection of those who signed up so much as it is on the number of tickets available.

The first day was great, I met up with just about everyone I’ve connected with via Twitter. For me Twitter has become a powerful way to network, but that’s a topic for another post ;) . I got to know a lot of other individuals whom I’ve never met before. The biggest thing that stood out to me, everyone was really open and willing to chat for a bit. Maybe I’m this surprised by the previous attempts at networking events I’ve been to. I used to work as a Director of Development for a non-profit in Kansas City and I got sent to a lot of networking events. Having never done anything like this before I was pretty intimidated. I mean going to a place where the purpose was to get to know people just so I could use them for my own benefit later kinda made it difficult. There were a lot of people there that were great at networking, but they seemed well fake. I like be genuine, I try to be anyway, listening to others and see if I really can help them or see if they really can help me. At SSSS it just seemed more relaxing, maybe it was everyone in shorts and t-shirts, I don’t know but it was the best networking I’ve ever done. Oh and I think I should mention here that the speakers were just, outstanding! That night was just great. I got to hang out a bit more with some guys I sat with during the conference and well as with a few I met via Twitter. No SEO talk, no sales pitches, just hanging out.

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