CAUTION: The people who brought you Search & Social Summit are heading to LA to kick off BlueGlass LA 2010. I mean sure, LA is a cool town with lots of attractions, great atmosphere and more friendly faces than you can shake a stick at. But do you really want to go there? Not to mention that some of the speakers at this conference are a couple of squares. Just look at this list:

Albeit these are leading industry experts, but look at this list! You’ll get so much information it’ll be like drinking water from a fire hydrant! So why even go? Also considering the chances you’ll get to hang out with these speakers is pretty high if your not spineless, but again why bother? I mean it’s not like you want to network with peers and meet those you’ve been tweeting with online. Do you really want to go have the time of your life in LA with the coolest bunch in the search marketing and social media field? I didn’t think so. I mean who wants to further their knowledge and network in an industry that is constantly evolving?

Okay, okay at this point it may seem enticing, but the schedule they’ve got set is completely crazy. You’ll listen to that list of speakers present, hang out with everyone else, relax and enjoy dinner coupled with more socializing. That just doesn’t sound like any fun at all. If you’re not wanting to further your knowledge or even your career, just stay at your house wrapped up in mom’s quilt, curled up in the fetal position, eating stale Milky Ways in the dark with a Brittney Spears CD playing in the background being thankful you missed all this fun and information.

So whether or not you decide to stay home or brave the crowd, leave a comment! Because I’d really like to go!

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P.S.S. The contest is over. I’ll post a brief update when the results are in. Comments on this post are closed.

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  1. I will admit I would like to go just to get the heck out of MS actually, and snap out of this #BP sucks doom & gloom on the Gulf Coast.

    I am not much for going to LA it’s too pink, too rad and maybe living in San Francisco has something to do with my LA dislike. But all that aside after reading some of the names (you could have linked to their site, pffft) it could make for an interesting Tête à tête. Besides my mother never did give me a quilt. Maybe I can plan on it for next year!

    • Hopefully, fingers crossed, it’ll be my first time to LA. As far as the links go, yeah I’m adding them slowly but surely. I wanted to crank out this post as soon as I could. I mean, the contest ends on the 9th 😉

  2. I want to go!

    • We’ll have a lot of other chances to go other places. Besides, there is no sure thing yet.

  3. I want you to go!!! 🙂
    after all, who wants you to really sit at home, curled in the fetal position, wrapped in your momma’s quilt eating stale milky ways (not to mention with the BEST family in the world 😉 )! Not me 🙂

    woo hoo, josh! i hope this helps <3

    • Well I don’t have a quilt, and I’m not one for Milky Ways (I’m a Snickers guy myself). So I’m hoping I don’t have to compromise. Every little bit helps. Thanks Carrissa 🙂

  4. I want you to go!

    • Thanks for the comment man. I need to get back to AR so we can hang out. BTW I want my shirt back 😉 Also, next time we float the Caddo I expect more pledges to be going. I’m holding you accountable to it!

  5. Dude… after reading this, I’m wondering if going to this event might be hazardous to your health or something. I mean, come on… have you actually ever tried drinking water out of a fire hydrant? Water may be good for you, but at that intensity and velocity, it sure isn’t a pretty sight!! But… if you’re able to be a better digital marketing specialist because of this event, then you should go (contest or not). A good leader never quits learning.

    • ‘A good learner never quits learning’ – Well said sir, well said.

  6. I wish i could go 🙁 Would nice to see everyone again.

    • Just drive the hummer cross country and plow down the front doors. They’d have to let you in at that point. When is the next conference in Tampa?

  7. Joshua, obviously you have never been to Los Angeles. Claiming LA has “more friendly faces than you can shake a stick at” is a dead give away you are a tourist. Don’t smile or make eye contact with any of the locals. Best to stay close to the BlueGlassLA speakers and the safety of the hotel bar. See you in LA!

    • I won’t try to hide it. I have never been to LA. I’ll chalk up my preconceived notion to too many movies. Every city has their good and bad side, some more than others. Also ‘friendly faces’ could be in the eye of the beholder, though I think you’re probably right. Staying within the confines of the hotel would be optimal. Besides, my wife would tell me that our life insurance hasn’t kicked in yet 😛

  8. Wow that conference looks just horrible, I’d never go to anything like that. 😉 I kid… this will be an amazing event! Hope you can make it.

    • I hope I can go too. But that Rand Fishkin, I don’t know. I just got done watching Barry Schwartz live blog his presentation at SMX. Not bad, not bad….HE WAS AMAZING!

  9. Hey bro, hope you get to go. Sounds like itll be a lot of fun!

    • Thanks man, every comment helps. If I get to go I’ll try to live blog better than I did at SSSS.

  10. That certainly sounds like a great roundup of speakers…

    One thing I wish they would do for all of these conference seminars is mark the agenda as to which presentations will be more for people with beginner, intermediate, or advanced knowledge of the topic. Recently I went to a seminar and attended a session on blogging, and it was really on the basics, which I could have skipped.

    • I have to agree with you completely. There are some sessions that I might be able to sleep through, and others I wish I could record on DVD to watch again and again.

  11. Dude this looks like a sweet conference with a killer line up of speakers. I really hope you get to go Josh, it would be interesting to hear how it compares to SSSS. Good luck!

    • Thanks Geoff. We’ll see. It’s the last day, more tweets are coming out. It’ll have to be pretty stellar to compare with SSSS. But it’s from the same people that did SSSS so I’m sure they won’t disappoint.