I normally don’t do product reviews. So when I come across something that is really amazing I try to tell as many people as I can about it. Just over a year ago, for my birthday, I bought the latest mouse Microsoft had put out, the Arc. From the first time I saw this mouse I really liked it. From the sleek style and fold to storage ability to the accuracy and lengthy battery life, the Arc has it all. So here we go, my review of the Microsoft Arc:

Battery Life:

I use this every day and have been for just over a year. I’ve only had to change the batteries four times or so, roughly every three months. The indicator when it is unfolded is a big help for me to know how the battery is doing. Green it’s good to go, red maybe another week of good usage before needing to change the batteries out. The brand of battery used has also played a factor I’ve noticed. Traditionally I use Energizer, but other brands such as Duracell have given me similar results.


I first got this mouse because I was really into graphic design, and still dabble from time to time, and I wanted a mouse I could control easily. After trying this out I knew it would be a perfect fit for me. Like with any mouse the user can customize the settings on the computer to fit their liking. But for me this was perfect right out of the box. Others that used my computer said the mouse went to fast for them, but considering my work is online all the time it’s perfect for me. My eyes are constantly bouncing from item to item, I’m opening closing windows and this mouse does so effortlessly. One last point, the receive on this wireless mouse has some incredible range. Not that I need to navigate 20 feet from my desk, but if I needed to I could ;-).


Come one, you can’t look at the photo above and tell me it’s not cool. The ergonomic style lets it fit perfectly in the hand of whoever is using it. It comes in a variety of colors, though black is best :-). This mouse also comes with a nifty magnetic pouch to store it in. I recommend keeping it in this when not using it as this does offer some protection. But it isn’t idiot proof. Another big plus with the design is that since this is wireless, the receiver magnetically clips to the underbelly of the Arc keeping them together.


I’ve put this thing through the ringer. Sure the logo has faded off, I didn’t buy this for the Microsoft print on the back so why do I care? But being opened and closed repeatedly every day for over a year this thing is still holding up. My 18 month hold has taken it and thrown it across the room and it’s still worked just fine. No dings or scratches after all this, but then again I try to take care of stuff I use daily and can’t work without.


So you’ve read all the pros about this, you gotta be wondering are there any cons or am I just a fan boy. Well maybe, I’ll admit that. But here are a few of the things I think need to be improved or added.

I operate mainly on a Mac, and this being a Microsoft product and one particular feature doesn’t work on it. This is a four button mouse, the two traditional, one on the scrolling wheel and one on the left side where your thumb rests. The one on the far left is used as a ‘go back’ function when surfing. On the Mac it doesn’t work, I can use it to close tabs by double clicking it on the tab. But I really would like to use it as it was intended.

Another con would be it can’t be used on glass. I gather this feature wasn’t in mass production when I bought this, but I’m hoping the next gen of the Arc will allow this. Not having to have a mouse pad is great, not having to worry about what surface it’s being used on would be utopic.

So Microsoft what can you do to improve for the next generation of the Arc? Make it completely Mac compatible, and usable on any surface.

The Microsoft Arc can be bought at just about any computer store, so stop by one and pick up the Arc now!

If you’ve used the Arc, I’d love to hear about your experience with it. Thanks for reading.

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  1. I bought the same one for my ex-girlfriend. She loves it. It really is a nice mouse. Definitely has a good feel to it. Awesome for laptops!

    • Yeah, it’s pretty tight. I got it for my birthday. It was my wife’s first ‘geek gift’ to me 🙂