After a great weekend of doing nothing I’m ready for another week at Chemidex and another week of working out. I’ve dropped close to 10lbs, starting to get some definition back in my arms and chest, I’m feeling good. Here’s my workout (note I am not a professional, I just know some very basic exercises and implement them in a way that fits into my everyday routine):

30 minute Lazy Man Workout:

The first thing I do is get some dumbbells ranging in weight from 10-25lbs.

Once my favorite television show comes on I stretch during the intro. This usually lasts 2-3 minutes (depending on the show), I consider the intro over once the beginning credits stop rolling.

When the show starts I begin curling (to work my biceps) the weights by repetitions of 5 (i.e. 15, 20, 25). I keep the repetition the same for one week, the increase it by 5 each week. When I’m not curling the weights I raise them above my head and lower them behind my head (to work my triceps). I take 30 second breaks between routines, then when commercials come on I set the weights down to work my legs.

The workout during the commercials is a basketball drill I used to do in high-school. I stand on my tip-toes and raise my feet and place them down as fast as I can. As soon as the first commercial starts I begin the exercise, when the next commercial comes on I take a break, when the commercial after that begins I start the exercise again. Get the picture? Here’s the thing behind this, the average span of commercial segments during a show is between 3-5 minutes. So my legs get a bit of workout during a 30 minute show, and even more so during an hour long program.

When the show comes back on I start up the weights again, this time I decrease the number of repetitions by 5, but increase the weight.

When the next set of commercials begins I implement the same timing method as the leg workout, only I do sit-ups instead.

When the show comes back on I begin the weights, this time increasing the repetitions by 5 and decreasing the weight.

For rest of the commercial segments I alternate between legs and sit-ups.

For the rest of the show I keep with my current repetitions and dumbbell weight.

That’s pretty much it. Once I change or alter something in my routine I’ll be sure to post it here.


That does it for me guys. If you have some input as to how I can improve things on my blog I’d love to hear it. Thanks for reading!