So we made the trek back to Kansas from Arkansas. It was pretty uneventful, well except for changing Preston’s diaper in a McDonald’s parking lot at the main entrance while patrons strolled by. Now I’m back at work, getting educational DVDs made for our birth center and planning choreography for tomorrow’s ‘Sing for your Supper’ Mercy & Truth is participating in. I’ll be playing a background dancer holding a giant syringe and stuffing a pillow up my shirt portraying a baby bump. Oh yeah, be jealous. Be very jealous.

Fantasy Football Update

Well my team had a surprisingly big day yesterday. Looks like I’ll be extending my winning streak to three games and my overall stat to 5-1-0. I’ve got one more player finishing up tonight, and hopefully, hopefully I can outscore the current league leader and move from 2nd place to 1st! If not this week, next week. I’m pretty sure most of his team has a bye week coming up.

Family Photos

A few weeks ago Tara and I had some family photos taken by one of Natalie’s friends, Laura Morsman. She did a great job. As soon as I can get a few photos from Tara, if she ever gets done looking at them, I’ll upload some of my favorites. If you want more information of Laura Morsman Photography here is her Facebook Group and Myspace Page.

SEO News for everyone

Here are a few articles I found pretty good. Sadly today not a lot that very many people outside the SEO bubble can use, but interesting nonetheless:

Internet Law 101

Is Google a Social Media Company?

Four Steps to Social Marketing Success

That does it for me today. Take care everyone, if I don’t get back to your comments soon. I will as soon as I can!

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