A venn diagram, a mustache and bieber get inserted into a post

Meh, okay so the title is bit of a joke, but oh well. Figured I needed to update my blog for the new year and what better way then making another list of favorited tweets that’ve been collected. Enjoy.



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Starting My Favorited Tweets Over Again

The other day I decided to clean out my favorite tweets on Twitter, I think there may be one I found from that day (sneak peek). It just got to be too much to try to organize and when I started favoriting tweets with the purpose of reading the article linked to at a later time (most of the time I never did) it got cluttered. So while I was going through cleaning them out I decided to snag the URL of some that I wanted to share before I started all over again. I hope you enjoy:

Fergie is the master of the Elaine dance

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25 Favorited Tweets Part Três

Greetings readers! I know some of you may be a bit surprised to read a post not pertaining to 101 alternative uses for “random item”. Truth be told I really wanted to, but work just got busy and I really couldn’t get focused on writing a complete list. So instead of letting the blog go neglected for a week I’d do another “25 favorited tweets” post. I’ve done two in the past but haven’t really done any in a while. Some of them have been industry related (SEO & SMM) and some not. I’ve amassed over 200 or so favorite tweets and just picked 25 that haven’t been used. But enough rambling, here is my third set of 25 favorited tweets:

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25 Favorited Tweets Part Deux

After the positive feedback from the first round of favorited tweets I figured why not do it again. I’ll admit this post did come a little faster than I thought it would, but hey when you’re getting good tweets you want to share them right? So without further ado, here are the next set of tweets:


[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/JackLeblond/status/28559483122749441″]


[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/AlanBleiweiss/status/29595442492743680″]


[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/katemorris/status/29649780435058688″]

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25 Favorited Tweets

When Twitter first rolled out the favorite tweet feature I wasn’t really sure if I’d be using it or not. Mainly because I didn’t want to use the new version of Twitter, but thankfully Tweetdeck updated and allowed me to be able to favorite tweets without being able to use the web interface. Now if they could just let me view my favorites from the desktop application that’d be great. I like to think of the favorite tweet feature as a type of bookmarking. Any tweets I think I’d like to remember or reference at a later time I can just browse my favorite tweets and find what I’m looking for. So I’ve decided to share my favorite tweets, twenty-five at a time. Some of them are industry related, some of them aren’t. I hope you enjoy and consider following the tweeps whom did the original tweeting.

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