Working in internet marketing is pretty hectic. Fun, but hectic. So much is changing every day it seems, new tactics, new developments, new resources and well new news. But when your in a line somewhere, or waiting to be seated at a restaurant have you ever thought, “I wonder what’s happening in the world of internet marketing?” Well, I’ve come across a few iPhone apps to not only answer that question, but provide some really good reading when your computer isn’t available.

In no particular order:

Marketing Profs

Marketing Profs have a pretty neat app. Not only do they have the option of reading their most recent posts, but they provide a way to search their popular posts, search all of their posts and even have their posts sorted by category under ‘more’. The inspiration tab has some light-hearted reading that is pretty enjoyable. Overall this app provides some great up-to-date information in addition to allowing users to search for past articles.

Click Z News

At first glance Click Z News looks pretty basic, and in most regards it is. What I really like about this app is the customization it offers. Click Z News offers a lot of different topics of information in regards to internet marketing and technology. So it would be only logical that they split up these categories into ‘cards’. From tracking topics and favorite author updates to being able to log-in to a few *social media accounts and even tracking jobs on twitter, this app has a lot to look through.
*Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn

Digital Pulp

This app isn’t about their blog so much as it is a way for them to showcase their portfolio. That being said, their blog usually has some pretty good stuff on it. In addition to the blog they also have a direct feed to their twitter account set up so you can read what tweets they’ve been posting recently. The really cool thing about this app is the DP WebZen, this will display a random quote about the internet every time you tap the screen. Some are thought provoking, others are pretty humorous.


I’m willing to bet most of those who read this have Mashable on their phone already. So I won’t spend much time on this one. This app provides everything the site does, current social media news provided by their rockstar staff. As with Digital Pulp, Mashable has a direct feed to their twitter account so you can see what Pete Cashmore is tweeting up. The layout of this app is unique, I really like the way the tweets show up. I think since Twitter is making changes to the layout they should take note of this. Customization of how tweets are displayed would be really really cool.

SEO Post

SEO Post is the reason the title of this blog post is, ‘5 errmm 6 Internet Marketing Blogs for the iPhone’. When I first got my iPhone I downloaded a few SEO tool apps then stumbled across this one. I didn’t think much of it, as the first screen is displayed in German – Suchmaschinen-Optimierung! But a second look revealed an English version. Now while this app doesn’t consist of their own blog, they do pick up posts from around the net and post them here. So far I’ve seen posts from SEOmoz, Search Engine land, SEOBook and others. But it doesn’t stop there, when you tap ‘More’ a laundry list of options pop up including feeds to Google’s AND Bing’s blogs, the tops tweets and well more.

Search Engine Journal

Last but not least I present to you the Search Engine Journal app. Regardless of the fact I’m a contributor, this app offers what the rest offer, current news. While it may not have as many options as the other have, I actually love that about this. The load time is faster, the updates come sooner and rather than bringing up a browser to view the full story as some do. Though I should mention if it does lag a bit you’ll see an old school scree shot of Google when it was in beta (that screen shot was hard to get!). This app also loads the entire article of choice directly from the app quickly. If you want to view from the browser there is an option for that. One thing that this app is really good at is it’s ability to share the article’s easier. You can choose either Twitter or email. Quick to the point, gain information and be on your way!

This is just a short compilation of the blogs I’ve found for the iPhone so far. If you’ve used one of these I’d like to know what you thought of them. Or if you know of one not mentioned here please list it in the comments below so others can learn of that source. I have two requirements though:

  1. If you are a company promoting your blog for the iPhone, go ahead and mention it but do so only under your real name or appropriate screen name. Any business names/blatant keyword screen-names will result if my changing it to ‘Mansy Pansy‘ with all correlating links intact.
  2. When you mention the app in question please provide why you are listing it. Please refrain from, ‘It’s wicked cool’ or like comments.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s hear’em!