I’ve had the privilege to go to some fantastic search marketing conferences this year. However, there are some great conferences going on right now I wish I could be at but can’t. I’d love to, but that’s a lot of money and traveling. Not to mention many conferences overlap each other. Thankfully there is a way to get a lot of information from these conferences without attending. I’m talking of course about monitoring the hashtag for each conference. Conference goers frequently tweet key points and links to resources referenced throughout the sessions. Also, when each session is over those who have been live blogging the session will be posting their notes for everyone to read and learn.

So the question now becomes which conference hashtags should you pay attention to? To aid in this process I’ve picked the five conferences I feel will be providing the best information for the remainder of the year. I’ve listed the conference, associated hashtag as well as a link to the agenda for the conference.

Affiliate Summit 2010
Agenda for Affiliate Summit

Search Engine Strategies San Fransisco
Agenda for SES San Fransisco

PubCon Las Vegas
Agenda for PubCon Vegas

BlueGlass FL
Agenda for BlueGlass FL (not set up yet)

SMX East
Agenda for SMX East

Before deciding to go all out and watch all of these, I’d head over to the agenda and study the schedule. If you’re busy like me there isn’t enough time to sit and monitor the tags when the sessions are going on. So pick the ones you feel would benefit your needs the most, figure out the time difference and set a reminder. Or, you can use the service provided by Twapper Keeper which will archive all of the tweets associated with each hashtag. A lot of the conferences are setting these up in advance, but you can set up one for yourself just in case.

I had the chance recently to go to BlueGlass LA, it rocked. As a last goodie here is a list of the live blogging done by Alan Bleiweiss:

BlueGlass LA Session: Marketing Metrics for your Business
BlueGlass LA Session: How to now FAIL at getting search traffic

BlueGlass LA Session: Social Media Marketing
BlueGlass LA Session: Building Communities that People Love
BlueGlass LA Session: Marketing Strategy: Don’t forget search
BlueGlass LA Session: Links matter: How to measure and attain them
BlueGlass LA Session: InHouse SEO

And by Susan Esparza:

Analytics: Marketing Metrics for your Business – BlueGlass LA
SEO: How to not FAIL at getting search traffic – BlueGlass LA
When to raise money and when to bootstrap – BlueGlass LA
Social Media Marketing – BlueGlass LA
Landing Killer Deals – BlueGlass LA
Building Communities that People Love – BlueGlass LA
Marketing Strategy: Don’t Forget Search – BlueGlass LA
Links Matter: How to Measure and Attain Them – BlueGlass LA
InHouse SEO – BlueGlass LA

So what are you waiting for? Go check out the agendas and catch up on some reading! If you have another conference hashtag to suggest I’d love to hear about it. Please be able to provide the conference name, hashtag and link to the homepage and agenda for said conference. Thanks for reading.

Admin. Edit:

@jennita (whom you all should go follow NOW!) reminded me of another conference taking place next week. Mozinar, which can be followed by monitoring #mozinar. The conference will be from August 30th to August 31st and the schedule of events can be found here. It’s gonna be a great one!

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  1. Hashtags are awesome. Thanks for this writeup. 😉

    • They can be pretty useful that’s for sure. Sorry for the delay at approving the comment. I’m usually better about that. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Hi Josh –
    On a related note, here are some links to SES San Francisco’s coverage from some great sources:

    1. SEO Roundtable: http://www.seroundtable.com/archives/022765.html
    2. Bruce Clay Blog: http://www.bruceclay.com/blog/
    3. Search Engine Land (day 3): Miscellaneous

    • Hey George, thanks for the links! Greatly appreciated.

  3. great resources and I will need to catch up on my reading, I’m from Europe, not many SEO conferences around here!

    PS. Love what you did with Thesis theme 🙂

    • Glad you were able to stop by and pick up some resources. Hopefully you can cross the pond and come hang out 🙂

  4. I had honestly never thought abut using hashtags to monitor conferences before.. an idea which obviosuly goes beyond just SEO.
    And as for twapper keeper – Is it broken ?

    • I never really got the concept of watching hashtags for conferences until I went to BlueGlass and saw all the tweets going on. It was a great way to meet others who were there as well as catch some nice quotes I missed.

      As for Twapper Keep being broken, what’s going on exactly?

  5. #SearchEx Search Exchange http://searchexchange.org/

    #ASW11 for January’s Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas http://affiliatesummit.com/

  6. Thanks for sharing these information with us!!!

    I never thought abut using hashtags to monitor conferences before but I live so far away from all the conference… 🙁 So now I’m going to follow the conferences by hashtags


    Josefina Argüelllo

    • Yeah, it’s really helpful. It really has been lately with so many awesome conferences going on.

  7. I agree with Zarko
    It would be nice to see more conference in Europe

  8. It’s cool that people do that, but sometimes I wish they would form a different account for endless tweets about a conference I am not at.

    • That can get annoying, thankfully with Tweetdeck you can filter them out 🙂