If you use Twitter heavily, chances are you’ve heard of AskAaronLee. I’ve followed him for just about a year now and finally decided, I would ask Aaron Lee some questions. 5 to be exact, here is what I asked and what he had to say:

Twitter has been around since July 2006 you joined in March of 2009. How did you hear about it? Why did you join twitter? What were you expectations, if any? And how does it compare to other social media networks?

Aaron: I actually started off offering social bookmarking services back in 2009. I would help people to bookmark their blog post or websites. One of the place I help people to put their link was twitter. Then when I was on twitter, I started to follow some people. I was like “what are they doing” I participated and talked with some people. Loved it ever since. I didn’t really have any expectations just to participate with what people are talking about.

Twitter is very different with other social networking sites because it takes away those relationship boundaries. It is because of twitter that we’re able to converse here today don’t you think so? Thanks twitter!

Most of your tweets deal with mostly with social media and it seems like you read quite a bit from many different sources. What are your top 5 social media articles of all time and what are your top 5 social media resources you’d encourage others to subscribe to?

Aaron: Yes, I love to learn and one way to learn is to read and tweet about it. Top 5 articles? That will be a tough one. I would recommend those articles that remained in my head up to today.

1)      Is Social Media Creating a Generation of Cowards
2)      The Problem with Automatic Urinals
3)      50 Power Twitter Tips
4)      6 Ways to Overcome Social Media Burnout
5)      Business from a 9 Year old

The 5 social media resources that I would encourage others to subscribe to are:

1)      Danny Brown’s blog
2)      Mark Schaefer’s blog
3)      Social Media Examiner
4)      Likeable
5)      Smart Blogs

Your Facebook Page says you offer social media advice for individuals and to businesses. What are your top five suggestions for both?

Aaron: Most of the advice are based on my experience, tips that I would recommend for individuals are

1)      Engage, engage, engage – Start listening and engaging, then talk. Always start by listening to what others are talking and jumping into the conversation. I advice people to talk to at least 5 different people in a day. My “rule of 5”
2)      Retweet – If you find something interesting
3)      Leave trails – If you read someone’s blog. Try leaving a thoughtful comment on their blog so that they notice you more.
4)      Utilize DM’s: Dm’s are great! I have conversation with a lot of people on DM’s.
5)      Add people at different social networks: Don’t just follow people on twitter, add them on Facebook too. I love how easy it is to get to know someone better on their Facebook accounts.

For businesses: Business are a little tougher compared to individuals

1)      Know your objectives: For business they should always know what their objectives are before they jump in social media.
2)      Start listening: Listen to where they potential clients are. Search for keywords. If they are a small business and don’t have a big budget, I would start with twitter search first.
3)      Connect: Build a relationship with the potential client. Don’t just respond “hey heard you’re into fishing, visit my blog” they don’t work. If someone asking for help on fishing, try asking them what do they need first, then lead them to your blog post or someone else’s.
4)      Build an audience: It’s better to connect with as many relevant people as possible. I recommend using Topsy for that.
5)      Continue engaging: Never stop engaging.

You’ve got quite a few notable names following you on Twitter. What are the top three greatest things you’ve seen them do and what are three things you think they shouldn’t have done. (Names are okay to mention or not mention, it’s up to you)

Aaron: The greatest thing that I’ve seen them do is:

1)      @Unmarketing – Raising $25,000 in 30 hours on twitter
2)      @Alyssa_Milano – Raising for Charity water and being so down to earth. Everyone loves her. Even me!
3)      Tweeting for hope. A few days ago, I received a tweet from someone asking if I could tweet one of her friends because she has cancer. Of course I did it. Its hard going through it and she’s on twitter and everyone is looking out for her.

Things some shouldn’t do

1)      Ignore people tweets – I know some are popular people but ignoring everyone?
2)      Complaining not having enough of replies
3)      Selling to everyone

Pretty much all of these questions have had sub-questions, sorry for the trickery… well sort of. You’ve got 140 characters to give insight on social media, what is it?

Aaron: Social media is here to stay whether you like it or not, social networks might change though. Start listening or “die”

Ask Aaron LeeA little info about AskAaronLee:
Aaron describes himself  as an “Average Joe” with a strong passion for social media.  He loves the idea of using social media for branding and building a presence online.  Aaron is a blogger at askaaronlee.com giving tips on social media and Twitter.

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  1. I am so very humbled to be mentioned in this interview with Aaron. For me, the way you engage, your willingness to help and your urgency to learn make you a role model on the social web. I even referenced you the other day when teaching my college class. I used you as an example of somebody who is doing it right and when it is time for you to come to the U.S., you will have so many friends waiting for you! What an amazing time we live in when we can have bonds like this across the miles.

    Thanks for the great article Josh and thanks again for your kind mention Aaron!

  2. Good day Joshua,

    I just got up and the first post I saw is this! Want to take the opportunity to thank you for interviewing me and putting me on your blog. Appreciate the opportunity mate. I had tons of fun too.

    Keep rocking mate.


  3. Wow, I love this article, I learned so much. Thank you for including my social media burnout article in your list. I’m really humbled about that. I learn from Aaron everyday. He’s a great social media role model. 🙂

  4. With a very great effort i increased the followers but there is very little change in my sales or traffic. i really like points that you describe here and going to implement on immediate bases and hopeful for results.

  5. @Mark: Oh gosh! thank you so much for the mention! I bet many of them was like “huh who?” LoL! kidding! Appreciate it a lot. You’ve been a great friend and a great support Mark!

    Thank you so much.

    @Diana: You’re here!! You’re welcome, your article is the one that got me to think that we need a break sometimes and it was great to have you back 🙂 ~Hugs

    @Alvin: Thanks for taking the time to read and commenting. Good luck and keep rocking.

  6. Great to know more about you Aaron. I follow with interest your stream. Could you give us more information about yourself : where do you live , what is your background , what other passions ?

  7. Some great resources mentioned here. I’m a big fan of Twitter but I have to admit I’ve never heard of Aaron Lee before so I’ll be looking him up.

  8. I’ve never been to Twitter
    but is this relevant ?
    Why should we know who’s Aaron Lee ?

    • Hey Justin,

      The information Aaron’s presented I’d say is useful to anyone looking to get better at using Twitter as a apart of their social media marketing efforts. Also, while Aaron isn’t exactly a well known person online, he is someone who I thought would have some good insight on social media marketing and didn’t disappoint.

  9. Thank you, Josh, it was very curious to read Aaron’s answers, he must be really passionate about social media 🙂 I admire such people that are so consistent in what they are doing and are loving it really. I don’t use social media services too much, though I fully realize their great value for business promotion and self promotion. Aaron’s tips are very inspiring for me, maybe I should try to involve more in social media, too 🙂