Changing Times

Well I didn’t think it would happen but it did. I’m ready for another change. Which may be coming sooner than I thought. I knew that the t-mobile thing would be temporary, but I didn’t expect it to wear me out this quick. Normally I’m a great people person, I’ve worked with the worst/best attitudes and still managed to have a great working environment. Here its, well, different. I guess its a big adjustment stepping down from Mercy & Truth Medical Missions to a sales rep position at T-Mobile. I guess I didn’t think it would be this hard. But there is a silver cloud on the horizon, I’ve got a once in a lifetime opportunity coming up on Friday. And I’m going after it like there’s no tomorrow! If its meant to be God will keep the door open, if not, the door will shut in my face. All I can do is follow where he is leading me. Even if I don’t get this job, I see it as a window of where I can be. The fact I’m getting looked at by this company has boosted my esteem in web marketing sooo much. I’m confident I can do this. I know the job description is lacking. But I’ll post more after Friday.

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T-Mobile so far…

Meh, what can I say? It’s retail. But it is a job. I am learning a lot about explaining technological jargon in layman terms. And I’m brushing up on my people skills. So I can’t complain, its a good learning experience. I’m still doing the SEO consultant thing in hopes to gain enough experience to land a job with a local company. So far I’ve put 3 websites on the front pages of search engines one of which is located in Australia.

On a few brighter notes I’m number one in my fantasy football league! And I’m moving closer to obtaining a Master Status on Check it out:

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Last day at Mercy & Truth

I’ll write a longer post later. But today is my last day at Mercy & Truth. I’ve been here for 2.5 years. Its been great, I’ve learned a lot about myself and I’ve grown tremendously. I’m going to miss everyone at Mercy & Truth. I’m going to start working for t-mobile located inside the Great Mall in Olathe, KS so stop by to see me and buy a phone! I’m also going to start doing some SEO consulting. Hopefully I can build enough experience to land a job with a local SEO company or..well. Well see. Take Care every one!

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