Weeellll its been a long week. Filled with work and play. Mostly work though. Lately I’ve been working more on an account I opened on Experts-Exchange (EE). This is a website devoted to answers questions about anything related to computers and the internet including SEO. Anyone can join to answer questions for free but it costs money to ask questions. EE rewards those who answer questions by a point and rank system. For instance once a person reaches 50,000 points he/she is awarded the rank “Master”, the next level is at 150,000 points for the rank “Guru”, and so on and so forth. However once a user reaches 10,000 points that user is given the title “Qualified Expert”. Currently I’m sitting at 4,164 points. The system isn’t really competitive, it’s all about giving the best possible answer for the selected areas of your expertise. So if your answer isn’t selected take it as an opportunity to learn something new.

I joined EE to help others as well to test myself to see how much I really know about SEO and Search Engines. I got to admit, I know more than I thought I did and less than I thought I did. Weird huh? Currently I’m signed on in the areas of search engines and search engine optimization. Most users are registered under five or six areas, most of which I’ve noticed are in servers and MySQL where most of the questions arise. It will take some time to reach any ranks, but I’ll get there someday.

Fantasy Football Update

Well every single one of my players that were supposed to have a great game day, had horrible game day. This is the first week since well my first week I didn’t break 100, much less 80! And since all my star players have a bye week this Sunday, my next game isn’t looking too bright either. *Sigh* Oh well.

SEO News You can Use

Below is a GREAT example on getting started in social media (twitter, Facebook, blogging, etc.) the right way:

How to Earn Respect in Social Media

Something you may have started to notice if by chance you searched for someone’s name:

Google to Highlight Social Search Results

That does it for me today. Take care everyone, if I don’t get back to your comments soon. I will as soon as I can!