Well today is gonna be a REALLY short day at work as I’m leaving around noon to go home, pack and head to Arkansas with Tara and Preston to meet up with my family in Van Buren, AR. It has been a few months since we’ve seen my parents, even longer since seeing my Aunt, Uncle and Grandma, not to mention my cousins. So I’m looking forward to it. The drive will only be around four hours compared to the normal eight it would take to get to my parents house in Benton, AR. We’ll be there until late Saturday afternoon, so it’s a short trip but a good one nonetheless.

Fantasy Football!

Over the years I’ve laughed and poked fun at my friends that got really serious about fantasy football. I have to admit, recently I signed up with my church to begin my very first fantasy football league. Aaand I have to admit, I can see how it can be addicting and very competitive. With week six approaching I’m proud to say out of sixteen people in our league I’m ranked 2nd. My record is 4-1-0 with 542 points. I know this is low compared to most, but a lot of leagues I hear don’t have sixteen people in them. So here’s to making it to 5-1-0. Hopefully the players below will have good games this weekend:

  • Brett Farve – QB
  • Reggie Bush – RB
  • Tim Hightower – RB
  • Randy Moss – WR
  • Hines Ward – WR
  • Antonio Gates – TE
  • Lawrence Tynes – K
  • Ravens – DST

SEO News for Everyone

A couple of interesting articles passed through my inbox this morning. The two below are very good reads. One lists out the most linked websites on the internet, check it out you may see a few websites you may have linked to. The other is only interesting if you use Google Maps quite a bit.

Tangled Web: The Most Linked to Pages on the Internet

Tectonic Shifts Altering The Terrain At Google Maps

That does it for me today. Take care everyone, if I don’t get back to your comments soon. I will as soon as I can!

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  1. Come on home so we can hit the road! =)