This marks my fourth post in this “101 Alternative Uses” posts. I’ve gotten a lot of interesting traffic to my site in terms of keywords/phrases. Maybe one day I can do a “101 oddest referring keywords” that’ll be something to look forward to. But that might take a while. Really what I’m doing is filling in text so the first few things on this list. So what are you waiting for? Veer your sight down a few dozen or so pixels and get to reading:

  1. Cut several in half and construct the world’s biggest crazy straw
    *This will require someone with an incredible lung capacity
  2. Construct a huge pixie stick
  3. If your  football team has no tires to do drills in, use hula hoops
    *You gain man points the pinker and more sparkly the hula hoops are
  4. Use a flag pole and hula hoop to play horseshoe
    *It doesn’t matter if you cut the hula hoop or not just go nuts
  5. Loop earrings for a humpback whale
  6. Toss at people riding bicycles to ring it around their head
  7. Use an entire hula hoop (including the ball bearing inside it) as a twisty blow gun
  8. A giant frisbee golf disc
  9. Use to blow giant bubbles
  10. Roll like a bowling ball at empty water bottles to create hula hoop bowling
  11. A throw ring for a boat
    *You might want to attach several together
  12. Swinging rings
  13. Use to juggle
  14. A replica Flavor Flav necklace
  15. Frame for a giant round picture
  16. Make a huge pinwheel
  17. Use as a hoop for ping pong basketball with no paddles
  18. Build a hopscotch course
  19. Construct a scale model of The Leaning Tower Of Pisa
  20. Make a giant monocle
  21. Construct your very own cocoon
  22. Use to cut shapes for giant cookies
  23. Frame for a net to catch fish
  24. Make a giant twisting drum
  25. Use to tan animal hide
  26. Use a framework for a mascot outfit
  27. Use as a sumo ring for rabbits
  28. Rims for a monster truck
  29. Spindle for a giant weaving machine
  30. Run through a wood chipper and create confetti
  31. Take the ball bearings out of the hoops and break the pieces of the hoop into sticks to play pool with the ball bearings
  32. Clock face
  33. Use as the base of a satellite dish
  34. Make your own Wheel of Fortune wheel
  35. Steering wheel for a tractor
  36. Mount for a really big globe
  37. Make a gyro ride for spider monkeys
  38. Ferris wheel for mice
  39. Snow shoes
  40. Spell O O O O O O on your neighbor’s lawn
    *You can also spell G O O G L E if you break some into pieces. It’ll also be more effective if done on Halloween
  41. Stencil for spray painting
  42. Make a giant slinky
    *May only be as effective as the typical useless slinky
  43. Wheels for a stagecoach
  44. Make a replica of the Olympic logo
  45. Make a telescope
  46. Launch pad for model rockets
  47. Use with plastic wrap to cover a really big bowl of jello
  48. Cut into pieces to siphon liquid from one container to another
  49. Use to hold a wooden barrel together
  50. Wedding ring for Godzilla
  51. Use as the outline for a stain glass window
  52. Make a giant game of checkers
  53. A tunnel for ants
  54. A fraternity paddle to hit three pledges at once
    *I am in no way condoning the use hazing of pledges
  55. Use as a spinning dinner table top
  56. Mold for big ice wheels
  57. Snorkel
  58. Use to organize/hide cables
  59. Use to make a big round shade
  60. Use for a manhole cover
  61. Fix plastic wrap so it hangs in the middle a bit, fill with water and you’ve got a bird bath
  62. Use for road signs
  63. Use to fix broken wheelchairs that have lost their handles to move the chair
  64. A belt
  65. Snorkel for a vehicle
  66. Key ring
  67. Doorknocker
  68. Make a concave or convex mirror
    *Whichever you want, or both
  69. Make a sunroof for your car
  70. Halos for really big angels
  71. Splint for a snake
  72. Get a variety of colors X2 for a double rainbow
  73. A wreath
  74. Miniature spiral staircase
  75. Make an epic fly swatter
  76. Temporary ring of fire
  77. Water irrigation
  78. Pull-up bar
  79. Rim for a sombrero
  80. Speaker mount
  81. A stage for a flea circus
  82. Frame for a gatling gun
  83. Flashlight
  84. Periscope
    *You would also need really really tiny mirrors and GREAT vision
  85. Dog/Cat collar
  86. Freddy Krueger hand
  87. Make a skeleton
  88. Replacement for PVC
  89. Can be used as a replacement tail for cats
    *The new tail may have a permanent curve to it
  90. A wicker chair, but hula hoop parts instead of well wicker
  91. Picket fence
  92. Jail cell bars
  93. Bracelet for King Kong
  94. Golf tees
  95. Attachment for a vacuum to reach small places
  96. Use to make crop circle circles
  97. Towel rack
  98. Cut in half to make a boomerang that most likely won’t return to you
  99. Tent poles
  100. Replacement tusks for a wild boar
  101. Rings for Saturn
    *Doing this may require the entire world supply of rings nullifying the other items on this list

Well that does it for this week. You know what to do. Mock me, add something I didn’t, or try not to spam this post. For next week it’s between licorice and Conan O’Brien’s hair and I’m opening up the voting to whoever reads this. The voting will run until Wednesday July 13th. Thanks for reading 🙂

Comments (6)

  1. Wow this is not only random but also hilarious. I did not thing about most of these when I read the title, but good work never the less :).

  2. Great List!

  3. no 95 wouldn’t work because all of the air would be sucked around in a circle – like a mini Hadron Collider.

    • Eh, I’d say it wouldn’t work well. 🙂

  4. Hands down to you, Josh for being so creative and imaginative. 😀 How long did it take you to come up with this list?

  5. How much time did you spend putting all the list together? It is hilarious. 😀
    50. sounds great but you will also have to find someone who actually wants to marry her …
    98. would sell great in Australia, I’m sure they are all annoyed buy the constantly returning ones 😛