I know what you’re thinking…well possibly anyway. Yeah I did a 101 post a few days ago, and it was fun. I mostly did it to poke fun at the Yellow Pages survey, but what it did do was give me a ton of ideas for blogging. Well, one type of blogging, lists. Specifically “101 Alternative Uses” lists. So after I clicked publish on the phone books post I started thinking, what else can I write about? I had already spent too much time writing that post so I went off to bed. The next day I was taking the trash out before heading to work when I looked in my hand, a Target shopping bag and poking out of the bag were some toothpicks. Target bags and toothpicks? Yes. Random? Yes. Did I ask some friends and co-workers which I should do a list on? Yes, now you have someone to blame. So toothpicks won, so here we go:

  1. Use to plug a similar shaped hole in your tire
    *Is only a temporary solution, you’ll still need to replace the tire
  2. Create a make-shift splint for a mouse or other small mammal
  3. Use as a flag pole for an ant hill
  4. Make a bed of toothpicks
    *Kind of like a bed of nails but with toothpicks
  5. Press a toothpick through your nose to look like a witchdoctor
    *Upon removal you may need to see an actual doctor
  6. Make a balance system to weigh small objects
  7. Use an entire box and glue in a pattern to replace a broken heel on a shoe
  8. Use to replace the spokes on your bike
  9. A replacement speedometer needle for your vehicle
  10. Use as darts
  11. Make a really small pair of chopsticks
    *Can also double as a pair of tweezers
  12. Use as a really pathetic candle wick
  13. Place a few in-between your fist and use as brass knuckles
  14. Name one as your official object to reset the router tool
  15. Use as a replacement leg for a cockroach
  16. Make a weight set for hamsters
    *Hamsters may eat the weights if they are edible like gummy bears
  17. Weave a basket
    *You could also weave a chair
  18. Use as a light switch
  19. Make a mini-bon fire
  20. Use as keys for a typewriter
    *You may feel some discomfort when typing
  21. Make miniature haystacks
  22. Build a model ship
  23. Replacement fang for a snake
  24. Use to fix a straw roof
  25. Dip in ink to write a letter
  26. Make your own “Pin-Head” mask
  27. Build small crosses
  28. Use as hair curlers
  29. Make a pinwheel
  30. Use as nails to hang stuff on the wall
  31. Construct a really long stick to change the channel on the TV from your couch
  32. Use as replacement bristles for a hair brush
  33. Use as stiches for an injury that requites stiches
  34. Make a set of blinds for windows
  35. Cut to a variety of sizes and write braille letter
    *Start the letter off with it was written using toothpicks so the person reading can avoid splinters
  36. Make a ladder
  37. Use as a bookmark
  38. Use to hold your hair up
    *I don’t know the technical term, but women wrap their hair in a bun and stick something like a pair of chopsticks through…that’s what I’m talking about. Yeah I could Google it, but I’m writing this list for you guys.
  39. Use to stir a glass of chocolate milk
  40. Use to poke a hole through the thing cover between the cap and the bottle of whatever so you don’t have to unscrew the cap, remove the separator then screw the cap back on.
  41. Use as replacement whiskers for your dog or cat
    *Upon replacement you might not want to snuggle with said feline or canine
  42. Use to pin things to a bulletin board
  43. Use as fishing bobbers
  44. Use as a needle to sew a blanket
  45. Empty a goose down throw pillow and refill with toothpicks
    *It should feel the exact same
  46. Use as a replacement aglet
    *If you don’t know what an aglet is you haven’t watched Phineas and Ferb
  47. Use as replacement hands on a clock
  48. Create a full grid on your yard by using toothpicks in a one in by one inch patter
  49. Instead of “forking” someone’s yard, toothpick it!
  50. Make Lego people using toothpicks and small marshmallows
  51. Use as a pick for a stringed instrument
  52. Make a slingshot
    *You could also use toothpicks as projectiles for the slingshot
  53. Create a fake mommy hedgehog to feed orphaned baby hedgehogs
    *May require obtaining hedgehog milk to feed baby hedgehogs…but if you have access to that why do you need to make a fake mommy hedgehog?
  54. Use in biology class to hold back the skin of whatever you’re dissecting
  55. Arrange in an odd pattern on someone’s stomach after they have fallen asleep while tanning in the sun…or in a tanning bed
  56. Make a bracelet
  57. Make mini kebabs
  58. Replacement branches for a ficus tree
  59. Create a tiki torch
  60. Attach to your fingers to give yourself claws
  61. Use to mark where to hem clothing
  62. Pop a blister
  63. Construct a bird cage
  64. Create a decorative magnet for the fridge
  65. Use as a tee for golf
    *You need to be really good at balancing stuff to do this, otherwise just hit it off the grass
  66. Make a pair of glasses
  67. Use to keep score at a sporting event
  68. Create a set of building blocks
  69. Make a kite
  70. Create a fork
  71. Make a set of Allen wrenches (hex keys)
  72. Create a bridge
  73. Use to measure the square footage in your living space
  74. Make a flimsy window for a doll house using toothpicks and plastic wrap
  75. Use to pick up litter
  76. Write a letter using toothpicks to create the letters
  77. Use as desk paper spike
  78. Use a toothpick to conduct an orchestra
  79. Mark your journey on a map visit by visit with toothpicks
  80. Make a yoyo
  81. Create a dreamcatcher
  82. Use as spikes on shoes for a sport that requires cleats
  83. Use paper plates and toothpicks to make spaceships
  84. Make a mouse trap
  85. Use as a belly ring
  86. Can be used to hold price tags on clothing
  87. Use as oars for Stewart Little
  88. Hold a corsage in place
  89. Use to mark hits/misses in Battleship
  90. Create a chess set
  91. Send through a wood chipper to create mulch
  92. Slide in the cracks of a door to “toothpick it shut”
  93. Use to put a tent together
  94. Make a barbwire fence, but with toothpicks
  95. Make a hoop to train goldfish to jump through
  96. Make a tiny umbrella
  97. Replacement zipper
  98. Construct a miniature forest
  99. Make a tennis racket
  100. Use as popsicle holders
  101. Make a mouse trap that catches the mouse alive
    *What, you really think I was going for impalement?

There you have it! 101 alternative uses for toothpicks…what did you have in mind?

Comments (15)

  1. You are one of the funniest guys I know. “Create a fake mommy hedgehog to feed orphaned baby hedgehogs” how do you come up with this stuff?

    • Alan, I have no other explanation than to say sleep deprivation and needing to think outside the box for a bit so I can focus on work better. Which ironically has also helped me come up with some creative ideas for work 🙂

  2. That is just crazy.. You actually spend time finding 101 uses of toothpick.. I am speechless..

    • Well, 101 alternative uses that is. And the previous one on alternative uses for phone books. I haven’t decided what to list next, either hula hoops or target shopping bags. Thoughts?

  3. Madness! 🙂 Im not sure about making a yo yo though. How would that work!?

    • Is that a challenge? I believe it is 🙂 I’ll work on making one and posting a video to YouTube this weekend. We’ll see how it goes.

  4. I love this i want more on this subject
    any references please?

    • Umm I have no references but the new list should be up today

  5. As far as #22 is concerned, I once saw a Youtube video of a guy who used over 800,000 toothpicks to recreate the Queen Mary (about 25 feet long)…


    • Wow, that’s a lot of toothpicks

  6. “Make a barbwire fence, but with toothpicks” now how sturdy do you think that would be. Haha. Great article though, I’ve never really thought about toothpick alternatives

  7. Have you heard about flavored toothpicks, made of birch wood, chewing wood flavored toothpicks come manufactured in a whole host of delightful flavors including cinnamon toothpicks, strawberry toothpicks, cinnamint toothpicks, wintergreen toothpicks, and spearmint/peppermint toothpicks.

    • I have actually, pretty tasty 🙂

  8. Can’t imagine a very sturdy sling shot with tooth picks.

  9. you repeated mouse trap!