So this last week I asked some friends which they would prefer, hula hoops or golf balls. And while I really wanted to do hula hoops (because I had already thought of a bunch of uses) golf balls was the winner. I have to say this was very challenging and took a little longer than the previous lists did (also spent some of the time missing my wife and son who are visiting relatives). Regardless of that, I hope you enjoy the latest of 101 alternative uses…golf ball edition:

  1. Newton’s Cradle
  2. Saw in half to use as a light dimmer
  3. Use a replacement eyes for a mannequin
  4. Use as a paddle ball…ball
  5. Wheels for a toys vehicle
  6. Pencil topper
  7. Christmas ornaments
  8. Pearl necklace…except with golf balls
  9. Massage beads
  10. Belt buckle
  11. Shower curtain decoration
  12. Beaded curtain
  13. A baseball for nutria rats
  14. Big round buttons
  15. Door knob
  16. Pull string attachment
  17. Shell out and make a Russian nesting doll
  18. Tiara jewelry
  19. Lawn ornaments
  20. Use as the ball for an optical ball mouse
  21. Use to fill up a bean bag chair
  22. Pebbles for a fish tank
  23. Glue together in downsizing circular patterns to make a baby stacking rings
  24. Rearview mirror ornaments
  25. Make a scale model of the Death Star
  26. Use for molecular models
  27. An eye patch
  28. Use for an abacus
  29. Scale model of Frosty The Snowman
  30. Faux snowballs
    *Can also double as faux hail (if you do either I’m not responsible for the damages/injuries that will occur)
  31. Use for jacks
  32. Oriental stress balls
  33. Make a hammer
  34. String thousands together to make a replacement roller for a steam roller
    *Or a dozen or so to make a pin roller
  35. Weeble people
  36. Checkers with different brands of balls
    *Or Chinese checkers with even more brands of balls
  37. Decorative lug nut caps
  38. Nametag for pets
  39. Lawn gnome panorama of a snowball fight
  40. Ping pong ball
  41. Use as part of a horse bit
  42. Eiffel tower miniature
  43. A chandelier
  44. Soles for a pair of sandals
  45. Freeze and use as ice cubes
  46. Stopper for a bottle with no cap
  47. Balls for bingo
  48. Replica of the American flag
    *Or any other country flag you can think of
  49. Use as arrow heads meant to punch and not puncture
  50. Use for shoulder pads
  51. Accents for a bridal gown
  52. Make a big wrecking ball
  53. Take to a fashion show and bowl with the models on the runway
  54. Hood ornament
  55. Head band
  56. Stuff in shorts of a MMA fighter trying to be heavier to make weight
  57. Prize in a quarter toy machine
  58. Shred to tiny bits and use for shotgun blast
  59. Make a royal scepter
    *Or a club, basically a blunt object that could be used to rule those in the area or play whack a mole with your friends
  60. Cut in half to make miniature air hockey pucks
  61. Use to fish by bludgeoning the fish that swim close to the surface
  62. Paint and make a miniature globe
  63. Instead of apples, go bobbing for golf balls
  64. Scale model of the solar system
  65. Glue together in random fashion for a conversation starter on your desk
    *Or it could also be a paper weight
  66. Scatter by a window at night to be a burglar deterrent
    *May not be effective if the burglar is looking for golf balls
  67. Glue to golf tees and use as toppers for sand castles
  68. Earrings
  69. Stuffing for beanie babies
  70. Dice that seem like they’ll never stop rolling
  71. Use to cover your eyes when tanning
    *Caution, the golf balls may get hot and burn your eyes (okay they will get hot and burn your eyes)
  72. Use as packing peanuts
  73. Color alternating dimples to make a soccer ball for chipmunks
  74. Foosball replacement
  75. Make an adult ball play pin like the kids have at McDonalds
  76. Metal striker for a bell
    *The bell may sound like the metal striker has been replaced by a golf ball
  77. Sound proofing a ceiling
  78. Cork for a shuttlecock
  79. Roll across a round putty surface to make impressions for craters when making a replica of the moon
  80. Roller parts for a printer/copier/fax machine
    *During a paper jam these will pop out so you can throw them at the machine out of frustration
  81. Use to save your seat at the movie theater when you go for popcorn
  82. Use to decorate a mariachi hat
  83. Dip in neon paint and take to rave part to dance with
  84. Slice into pieces, discard the smaller ones and use as poker chips
    *Not redeemable at casinos
  85. Drop down gopher and mole holes in a mass number to confuse and make the rodents leave
  86. Cut in half, shell and attach an appropriate attachment to make a spoon/scoop
  87. Since they come in a dozen you can use an entire box as bobbers when setting up fishing lines
  88. Attach to the end of a drum stick either for better grip or for an alternative sound
  89. Dress up a cockroach in jungle survivor gear, paint a golf ball brown and roll at the cockroach for some India Jones action
    *Madagascar hissing cockroach may be too big
  90. Use as slingshot ammo to take out spider web
    *+5 if you hit the spider and web in one shot
  91. Use to tenderize meat before cooking by hanging the meat and either hit the golf balls at it or throw at it
    *Using a golf club to hit the golf ball doesn’t count as using the golf ball for it’s intended purpose because you’re using it to tenderize, not play golf
  92. Take on a hike to the top of a large cliff and see how big of a splash they make when you throw them from the top to a body of water below
    *If no body of water is available
  93. Glue to tees and place out at a driving range to fool golfers
    *Doesn’t necessarily have to be done on April Fools, since most golfers are terrible they all could use a good laugh
  94. Use to replace a similar sized pearl if a clam is sensitive to the weight distribution provided by the pearl
    *If the clam has to pearl use the golf ball to comfort the clam into thinking it has a pearl of it’s own
  95. Use to wrap unused rubber bands around
    *This eventually would turn into an awesome bouncy ball
  96. Play kickball
  97. Use as a wiffle ball
  98. Place in a bin of like-sized jaw breakers and see who bites into one first
    *If you do this you will be responsible for any dental damage that occurs
  99. Use as a tape dispenser spindle
  100. Smack a guy in the head with to keep him from creating another 101 alternative uses list
  101. Use as ammo for a high-speed rigged leaf blower when a zombie apocalypse is happening

That does it for this round; add any other ideas/comments/ridiculous remarks below and I’ll be back at it again next week.

Comments (8)

  1. I reckon you need to make and wear some golf ball earrings for a day or take number 68 off the list

    • You send the earrings buddy and I’ll wear’em

  2. Josh, I’m concerned about you. That you would contemplate such a post is not NEARLY as disturbing as the fact that you actually stuck with it for 101 cycles!

    At least one of us needs help!

    • Doc I appreciate the concern, but I’ve done this three times now…and not to alarm you but I got an idea for another for next week…

  3. I like the idea of a pearl neckless but with golf balls. Nice article by the way, I had lots of fun reading it!

  4. Head band? lol, creative thinking at its finest.

  5. Three posts like this?

    Are you hoping that this is some kind of link bait for golf fanatics? How would you explain the toothpicks list? Doubt there are many toothpick bloggers or toothpick worshipers out there? And phone books?

    Sometimes we get to see too far inside the heads of other bloggers. Dude….Take some time off.

    Hula hoops?
    Next week = 101 things you can do with old baby diapers.

    You know, you could probably build a whole site around them and then it really would be link bait? Hmmmm…….

    • Link bait? No, there’s no incentive for anyone to link to these. Posts like this are just to get the random stuff out of my head so I can focus on other things and to get the creative juices flowing. We all need something to inspire us. I haven’t done a 101 post in a while, so old baby diapers might be something to consider. I am very appreciative of you using your name 🙂