Marketing: Now, With More Search!
David Roth

Search Marketing at Yahoo!


SEM for Branding

Paid vs. Organic

Search Alliance

Search is the best way to acquire customers, even if you’re among the biggest sites on the web. Yahoo!runs Direct Marketing campaigns across the organization that include paid search, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

Yahoo is engaged in several different business models, subscription, transactional, download, lead generation, CPM revenue. LTV optimization:

What is the lifetime value of a conversion?

  • Subscription
  • Referral
  • CPM/CPC Revenue

What is the net present value (NPV) of that lifetime revenue stream?

What is the acceptable profit margin on NPV?

Comparison Shopping is an exception.

What is Global? There is nothing really global. Time zones are global.

Analytics allows owners to track how users engage on their site. Optimize for engagement.

SEM can support any business goal/model.

It’s about how much you can do.

Paid vs. Organic – Math, Not Philosophy

Don’t Forget Search!
Melanie Mitchell

The consumer is in control of your content, it’s our job (as markers) to help them determine what to do with it. If the marketer isn’t there it can lead to a lot of negatives. Search is one part of the mix, there is offline, mobile, online advertising, etc. Only 55% of search marketers coordinate or integrate offline channels with search marketing.

Twilight – Eclipse, example, at their site they offer downloads, access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. It didn’t happen over night, they engaged in offline advertising. But they aren’t engaging in search. We don’t just use search for marketing, it can be used for reputation management, etc. If you aren’t engaging in search when you need to monitor your reputation, the competition can capitalize on it. Example, Apple iPhone4, it may be too late. Even though Apple did have a press conference to address the issues, they still weren’t engaging in search (paid or organic) and the competition was utilizing paid search to be placed everywhere Apple was apologizing. On the flip-side, Apple also didn’t monitor their paid search and had ads placed along side articles condemning the iPhone 4.

Behavior drives the marketing message. The search engines are listening to your customers. Are you?

David Szetela

Right off the bat he made it VERY clear he doesn’t want anyone blogging or tweeting. So if you weren’t there you missed out on some GREAT information!