I typically don’t do posts two days in a row, and tomorrow will make three when I do my #FF post. Though I do need to begin doing more each week. I’m just sick and tired of getting @ replies and seeing screen names ‘ifollowback’ on twitter. In addition to this I’ve gotten one too many friend requests on Facebook from spammy accounts that claim we share one commonality. I’ll admit there have been rants about these before. But sometimes I feel you just have to let loose to get it out of your system. I hope you’re settled in for a good read, this may take a while.


I had a mini rant on twitter yesterday that was set off by this:

This has got to be a joke right? I mean just because we are both in Internet marketing that means we are cool enough to be friends on facebook? Uhh WRONG! Facebook has enough issues without me getting hit with spam by a so-called peer. That’s complete and total crap. I don’t want to unveil my personal family photos, relationships and the like. Sure you could argue that I can set settings to prevent that to certain ‘friends’ but in my opinion those settings are there so any kids under the age of 18 can’t view certain items on my profile. Not that I have anything to hide, I just don’t feel comfortable with having people that young looking at my information.

If you really want to be friends on Facebook I need to be okay with 99% of the following:

  • Family
    • I’m friends with some peers who don’t have a family of their own as of yet. But the thing is, I know they won’t speak ill against mine. And those peers that have a family of their own just means we get to share something more in common.
  • Online Relationship
    • This is pretty flexible. There are some on twitter I would friend and some I wouldn’t. It comes down to how well our relationship is in this area. If you just comment on my blog and we don’t interact elsewhere, that isn’t good enough. If I’m going to open up to you I need to know you a little better than just here.
  • Real-life meetings
    • Have we met in real life? Not as big a factor as you may think, but sometimes I need to verify that you are who you say you are. Like Melissa Fach, in real life she’s a 6’4 heavily muscled Marine. Wait that’s her husband, my bad :). You get the point here. More often than not people appear differently in real like than they do online.
  • What else do we have in common?
    • Other than working in Internet marketing what else do we have in common? Have we contributed to the same publication? ((Search Engine Journal) shameless plug to my contributions here) Do we go the same church? Do we laugh at the same jokes? Do we have the same affinity for golf and video games? Insert another commonality here.

I’m gonna wrap this up by saying just don’t consider sending me a request unless you are absolutely sure I’d accept. And if you read this and we just started to engage online, I’ll go ahead and tell you I will most likely reject it.


*Deep Breath In*

*Deep Breath Out*


I don’t follow back every person that follows me. Now, I’m not going to start saying how you should/shouldn’t decide to follow people on twitter. But I am going to reveal how I select who to follow or not. When I get notification of a new follower on Twitter I can usually tell right away if the account is spammy or not. I simply look at the initial stats provided, just so happens I have an example here:

From the first glance I can see this account seems to have a real person behind it. No spammy name, and ‘he’ even has a unique avatar. But the stats seem a little odd to me. This account is following a lot of people, low amount of followers and a low amount of tweets. Next I click on the account to go see the type of activity the account is doing. Oh, looky here another example:

Again, at first glance I’m seeing a lot of engagement and a unique background. Clearly someone is trying very hard to make it appear this is not a spammy account. But if you look closely,  the verbiage is very similar in nature to his @ replies to the various handles and the link (while different) all promise the same get rich quick. Whether or not this is a real person escapes me, but after this I’m not going to follow this account.

Now let’s look at an account I would follow, and wouldn’t you know it I have the perfect example right here:

If you don’t know this person by reputation yet, please crawl out from under your rock. This lady is awesome to follow! That aside, lets gauge her based on the same metrics as the account above. Read the stats, quite a few followers, tweets and following (the ratio of followed to follow may look impressive but it isn’t everything). Next I see she has a unique avatar and her name isn’t spammy in the least. On to her account, oh gee here it is:

What a treat, see the engagement? She is being genuine, responsive and sharing information all above the fold. I’m sold! You should be too! Follow, follow, follow! But for me it still goes on. If I do decide to follow an account back there are a few things that will make me unfollow and in some cases block it:

  • I get an immediate DM pimping an e-book or MUST visit website
    • If you really want me to read that e-book or visit that site engage me build a rapport then ask me appropriately.
    • I have unfollowed good tweeps because of this. I haven’t blocked them, but I have unfollowed.
    • I’ll unfollow and block if it gets repetitive, even after I ask to stop or make a sarcastic comment.
      • As a side note if you don’t respond to either it just shows me you don’t really want to engage me and I’ll unfollow and block.

Some may be reading this and say, “Hey Josh! I’m none of those and you aren’t following me back!” First of all I’m sorry but I most likely haven’t gotten notification you started following me. Twitter isn’t perfect, far from it in fact, and doesn’t send me every single notification. And I don’t think I should go check my follower column every time it changes because it fluctuates when people unfollow me or Twitter gets rid of spam accounts. If this is you, I have a simple solution…. ready?


I hope you aren’t sitting watching your email inbox like a desperate teenage awaiting “That special person” to call. I don’t know you are there if you don’t let me know you are. I’m not looking for a tweet like, “@joshuatitsworth hey I’m following you”. Make it conversational, comment on something I’ve tweeted or ask me something a spammer wouldn’t (don’t ask me to follow you). It’s as simple as that. I’m usually good at responding back to tweets, but I don’t see all of them. There are a few tweeps I make sure to respond to more than others, but its because we have an established relationship. If you are a new follower, unless we connect like kindred spirits, ours needs to evolve. I don’t take it personal when someone I follow doesn’t @ reply me and honestly you shouldn’t either. It doesn’t matter how many they are following or not. If it’s something to reply to, they will reply. If it wasn’t seen it wasn’t seen. This isn’t high school so stop acting like it and grow up already. That especially goes for those who play the follow unfollow follow unfollow game. I’ve never followed someone that did that.

Before I close this rant here are some reasons why I may choose to follow someone before they follow me:

  • They are informative
    • Even if it’s just Rts I’m getting info from several sources from one account. Kind of efficient actually.
  • They engage others actively
  • I learn from them
  • I respect them
  • They make me laugh
  • I’m friends with them IRL


There you have my full blow rant on attempting to friend me on Facebook and my toned down take on follow/following on Twitter. I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on who you choose to friend or why you follow others back on Twitter. Thanks for taking time to read this.

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  1. Josh, I totally agree with you on everything you said and i do the same thing. If all the people that “followed” me didn’t expect a “follow” back I would have thousands of followers. The spammy accounts are soooo obvious!

    On facebook I am about to stop being friends with a couple of hundred people that do nothing but “recommend” crap and fill up my email address.

    Now, in regards to the husband…what don’t I see that you guys see? Ben a.k.a. Skitzzo was like “holy crap your husband is big…” and he is tall! Paul isn’t really tall. Kind has that Marine look, but I just don’t get what outside people see…

    • Well your husband looks much tougher than Ben.

  2. Wow, I did not know that…interesting.

    • Really? Didn’t you tell me you brought your husband to a class you taught to scare off a creeper?