Who doesn’t love messing with Google/Bing/Yahoo and newly Blekko suggest? If you haven’t already played around with the suggest feature, I urge you to do so. Though I will warn you, it can waste a lot of time that could be used for something a bit more…productive. But, I’m rambling. There have been a few articles already done using/exploiting this feature so get ready for yet another, but it has a twist. Since it’s time for Thanksgiving, I wondered, what does Thanksgiving mean to the search engines. First I just looked for “Thanksgiving”:

Some interesting suggestions right? Well, to be honest just searching for “Thanksgiving” can provide a wide variety of results. So, let’s search for “Thanksgiving is”:

While Blekko has nothing else to offer, the other “major players” are yet providing something to ponder. But, what if we search for the actual phrase “Thanksgiving means”:

Aside for Yahoo (who uses that anyway?), the suggest feature really didn’t have a lot to offer people searching for the meaning of Thanksgiving. While we all have our own personal thoughts on the matter, I’d like to see what the readers of this blog have to say on what Thanksgiving means.

Thanks for reading, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Surprised you like the feature given your own name is on the black list – when I first saw the post title I expected it to be a rant about the crappy overly protective algorithm blocking Titsworth.

    • LOL, well my last name was also rejected by Hotmail back in the late ’90s. So no surprise Google won’t include it in the suggest feature. Happy Thanksgiving to you too buddy 😛

  2. Ha, ha… I am still surprised at how much variation exists between each of the search engines.

    “Happy Thanksgiving… sayings, clip art, in french”

    • Ths003, I want to apologize for your comment getting sent to the spam box. I didn’t even know it was there ’till I checked it. I think askimet has gone screwy. It spammed the one by Andrew as well :$

  3. Hey cool idea for an article Josh. Thanksgiving to me? It means I get two days off, it means traveling, and it means spending for black Friday (which was awesome for me – first timer)