Well yesterday I left for work pretty early in order to continue the backlink audit. As soon as I got up I had a slight pain in my lower stomach, I blew it off thinking I just slept on it weird. When I got to work I got everything set up on my desk and headed to the break room to make coffee. I emptied out the old coffee and then pain got worse. So I decided to sit down at my desk and wait it out, HUGE mistake. As soon as my lower back hit the chair I felt pain like I’ve never felt before. I quickly grabbed my stuff and went back home. I called Tara and told her I thought I had kidney stones. Boy was I wrong.

When we got to the Shawnee Mission Medical Center the receptionist at the ER told me it seemed more like appendicitis. Just great, I try to go in work early to get a start on a huge project and I have to get surgery. After a few tests, and waiting for a few hours, it is confirmed. Dr. McDreamy walks into my room and state, “Mr. Titsworth it is your appendix, we need to remove it.” Oh did I mention he is a good looking doctor? Yeah, he was and it did flash in my mind, “Hmm this poor guy has to go under the knife, good looking wife you got there. I think I’ll perform this procedure.” Cue eerie slasher music. I kid, the doctor was nice and really helped. Not too long after this, I was taken up and prepped for surgery.

The last thing I remember was the anesthesiologist injecting the solution to put me to sleep into my IV and telling me, “You won’t be awake in 30 seconds.” I must be a wuss because I don’t remember lasting 10 seconds. I also don’t remember taking out my contacts, which means someone had to lift my lifeless eyelids and remove them. #Creepy!!! The surgery did go well, that’s what the nurse told me anyway. The doctor came in to tell us that we came in at the perfect time to get my appendix removed. A few hours longer of procrastination would have resulted in a rupture and bigger scars. Not like I’m concerned about getting scars anyway. I mean sure my swimsuit modeling career might have to take a backseat for now, but oh well.

I’m supposed to be heading home today. I hope so anyway, I’ll update if things are different.

As a side note yesterday a few blog posts I helped out on went live:

Common Online Business Mistakes by Micheal Gray, Alan Bleiweiss and more!, this is found on SEOAware.com. I feel really honored to have been asked to contribute to this piece. So I’d like to say a special thank you to Melissa Fach for asking me.

The second posting is actually being broken up into a series of posts at a site called, level343.com. The head project manager, Gabriella Sannino was well, ‘venting’ on Twitter about a list of applications she was having to review. So I asked her if I could help and surprisingly she let me. There were A LOT of applications to go over, but we managed to finish them all. The reviews are being split up into a series of five posts and on the final post they all will be complied a placed into a e-Book. Which will be cool. The current posts can be found below:

100+ Twitter Applications For Fun, Business and Social Sharing
100+ Twitter Apps Part 2: Search the World of Tweets
100+ Twitter Apps Part 3: Monitor, Analyze, Manage and Monetize
100+ Twitter Apps Part 4: Maps, Polls, Translators and RSS Feeds
100+ Twitter Apps Part 5: Mashup of Fun, Visual and Bizarre

That’s enough shameless plugging, for now anyway ;)

To my Twitter pals, those on Facebook and those who happen across this, thank you very much for the well wishes. They are greatly appreciated.

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  1. And you were tweeting through all of this? You are nuts! Glad everything went ok. Rest and I am sure your wife will spoil you!

    • Oh yeah, the doctors and nurses were looking at me like I was nuts. The worst part about all of this, I was adding something to the code in thesis and lost everything on my site, yay! 🙁 So I get to add it all back today.