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Arrival at a Tropical DestinationWe’ve all been there. Traveling to a far off state or country, on the day of departure we figure out that we’ve forgotten some essential like our cell phone charger, or we didn’t check in to our flight until we arrived at the airport. Well, thankfully there are ways to mitigate such situations and turn your trip from one of near disaster to a smooth as silk experience. This article does not go into how to save money on your flight, however. Life hacker’s The Ultimate Travel Hacking Guide may be for you if that’s what you’re looking for. This article does discuss ways that you can cut out unnecessary travel steps that add frustration and hours to your travel time.

While not much can be done about the cell phone charger, aside from ensuring that you pack it the night before, there are different ways to ensure that you have a much more pleasant trip that doesn’t include bumps in the road along the way.

Know the layout of the land before you get there.

This is relatively easy with Google maps or MapQuest. If you know that you need to be somewhere shortly after landing at the airport, the best way to make things go fast and smooth, especially if it’s a new place, is to use a taxi. The drivers know the lay of the land already, and you don’t have to learn how to drive in a strange new place while trying to get to your hotel. If you’re in the position where your company reimburses you for travel expenses, this should be a no brainer. Grab the taxi or limo, and have them take you directly to your destination. Then you can sit back stress-free knowing that your driver has things handled.

Check into the hotel when you arrive.

Nothing’s much worse than carrying all of your luggage with you to your destination after you arrive. But, in some very cool business-related situations that is necessary. When you check in to the hotel when you arrive rather than juggling your luggage all over the place, you’ll at least be able to organize your luggage after arrival. This is a much better situation to be in than awkwardly explaining why you’re carrying five travel bags to people who don’t know you’ve been traveling for the past 10 hours.

Arrange for transportation in advance

Of course, you can spend an hour waiting for a taxi and other transportation when you Arranging For a Cab At the Airportarrive. But, when you arrange for transportation in advance, you can skip the headaches that arrive with hunting for a taxi with all the people who were on your flight. Scheduling your transportation in advance also saves time and by shopping around for transportation in advance you can save money. Two wins for a situation normally fraught with stress for everyone involved! When you leave your destination, especially if you’re at a conference, arranging for transportation from your hotel to the airport is greatly beneficial. You don’t have to worry about transportation at the last minute, and you have a stress free ride to the airport.

Check in to your flight online the night before

Checking In To a FlightWant to mitigate the time that you spend at the airport in line checking in and obtaining your tickets? Check in to your flight online the night before, assuming your airline allows you to do so. This way, you can eliminate the long wait and the resulting aggravation that usually results from waiting in line to check in to your flight.

Wear sandals instead of shoes

How does this relate to travel? Well you have to go through airport security and being checked by the TSA. So, you have to take off your shoes, your jacket, everything, and put all of your belongings through a scanner. Then, you go through a life sized body scanner that scans for weapons and other threats. So, wearing sandals instead of shoes eliminates a step in the security process you don’t have to deal with. If unnecessary steps in the security process easily annoy you, wearing sandals will help remove yet another step from the melee that is traveling through airports nowadays.

Take 2 carry-ons instead of many, many bags

Relaxing After a Long Day of TravelIf you have ever been through the travesty that is the baggage claim process, you understand how stressful it can be. Thankfully, there are ways to eliminate even this step from your travel plans! Most airlines allow 2 carry-on bags that you can take with you on the plane. Through a strategized, condense packing process, you can ensure that you carry everything you need for your trip in two carry-on bags. A little planning and consideration towards taking 2 carry-ons can go a long way towards preventing you from ever having to step foot near baggage claim again.

There you have it – ways that you can cut your travel time in half along with tips that can eliminate steps from the travel process and will save you time. Travel is a ton of fun, unless you run into situations where these additional steps add an hour or two (or eight) to your total flight time. Now that you know the basics of airline travel, you can help optimize your flight for fun, rather than frustration. Now go out there and have fun!

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  1. Hi Brian,
    These are some great tips. I particularly like the sandals idea. I would like to take it a step further and suggest traveling clothes. A jogging suit is fantastic and provides comfort during a long flight. Also, it may sound funny, but ‘space bags’ are excellent to decrease your amount of luggage.

  2. I agree about the baggage consideration. I know how it feel when we travel with a big bag. Most of the time boys carry it. But they don’t like to carry.

  3. Airlines have their own individual luggage policies regarding carry-on and checked luggage. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) adds additional rules and restrictions pertaining to luggage on all flights. With so many guidelines regulating what you can and cannot pack for air travel you might feel overwhelmed packing for your flight. Fortunately, TSA provides detailed guidelines concerning what is and is not appropriate to pack when traveling.

  4. There is no charge for personnel traveling in government owned aircraft. However, if a Space-A flight is made on a commercial contract carrier, a fee will be assessed – fee is variable (approximately $15-30) depending on the port. There is also a fee for meals served aboard military aircraft.

  5. Due to heavy travel during the holiday season, some flights have restricted checked bag allowances.

  6. An In-Flight Adtainment System in the future could have contextual ads for each passenger depending on co-passengers, travel history, route, ticket/seat preferences, mileage history, ticket preferences (paid by credit card/ X days in advance/flight portal/cheap-average-costly ticket), food preferences, marital statuses, and so on. Using social media and pre-computed data, travelers will be able to experience state-of-the-art in-flight shopping experience. They would be able to shop items while they are travelling to be delivered later at a preferred location.