I don’t work out near often as I should (shush Daniel) but when I do like most people I like listening to music. I’ve uploaded music to my iPhone but my library was limited and there wasn’t really any CDs in particular I was interested in buying, and then I’d have to upload it to sync it to my phone (which can take forever). Then I used the Pandora mobile app for a while, and in traditional Pandora style the “stations” began playing songs all over the place. Then the ads, my word the ads just drove me nuts. Then a few months ago I heard that Grooveshark has created an HTML 5 version of their site for mobile use. So I checked it out, and I liked it. But it was missing a few things.

Sure, it was in beta but I kept using it because I could choose the songs I wanted to listen to. I just couldn’t create a playlist. So anytime I used it I had to find a song, hit play then search for another while that one was playing. This made working out kind of difficult, and I found myself doing more walking than running or anything. And so, I walked. But last night as I began my usual route and fired up Grooveshark I noticed a big change, playlists had become a reality!

GS screenshot 1

Okay, let’s get this started.

GS screenshot 2

And we’re searching…

GS screenshot 3

Hitting pl…this is new… What the heck, let’s hit play next.

GS screenshot 4

…1 Song in Queue…can we get 2???

GS screenshot 5

*Squeals like schoolgirl*

GS screenshot 6

Let’s look at the queue...

GS screenshot 7

AHAHAHA! Shuffle & Loop are here too!

GS screenshot 8

What’s the edit button do? Sweet! I can move the songs around and delete!

GS screenshot 9

Hitting the button in the top right corner allows me to view the song playing.

GS screenshot 10

Can we add a song to a playlist while it's playing? Yes we can!

GS screenshot 11

What if I hit play now while another song is playing? It plays the song and pushes the song I’m playing over behind the one I just selected to play.

GS screenshot 12

Delete all and start over? Meh okay.

In closing, the newest changes to Grooveshark mobile are pretty sweet. Now, if we can only get the ability to save a playlist or login to my account via mobile that’d be the icing on the cake.

Great changes Grooveshark!