What I Learned From Udacity


Several months ago Mike King (aka ipullrank) tweeted about a course that would teach people how to build a search engine. Being the curious type I am, I clicked the link to check it out. Upon first glance it just seemed like another online course, but this one wasn’t just online. It was taught by some pretty smart instructors from Stanford and Google fellows. It was called Udacity.

The first video was an explanation that the purpose of the course was to teach an introduction to computer programming, “I’ve been hoodwinked!” I thought. But in reality this was just what I needed to get me interested in computer programming. This kind of scared me a bit. I’m not a programming geek like a lot of friends are. But Udacity started off at a very very basic level. There were a
few people in the forums asking when the course would get more advanced and start talking about the components of a search engine. The instructors emphasized again the overall goal of the course was to learn more about computer programming, building a search engine was merely a way to practice what we were being taught.

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