The other day I decided to clean out my favorite tweets on Twitter, I think there may be one I found from that day (sneak peek). It just got to be too much to try to organize and when I started favoriting tweets with the purpose of reading the article linked to at a later time (most of the time I never did) it got cluttered. So while I was going through cleaning them out I decided to snag the URL of some that I wanted to share before I started all over again. I hope you enjoy:!/dmtitsworth/status/118163809016889344!/sixthformpoet/status/121512488775847937!/arienneholland/status/122825241943748608

Comments (5)

  1. Laugh out loud with the Costco tweet! That place is huge, you need to call your other companion to find them in there!

  2. If I find tweets valuable and catchy, I always mark it as “favorite”. Glad you found these tweets, they’re quite interesting.

  3. I made the list—twice!—and you didn’t tell me! Now, which one of me should leave this comment…

    • What do you mean I didn’t tell you? I tweeted the post didn’t I? I expect every link I tweet you go read in anticipation of the awesomeness contained therein which in this case, was your tweets 🙂

  4. Haha these are awesome! Great collection.