I really need to get better at updating this when things happen. But honestly I thought I was gonna be writing for a dad-to-be publication and it kind of forced me to write stuff down. I’m normally not big on sharing personal stuff. I mean yeah, the “Personal” category has 56 posts under it but if you actually read them they aren’t very “personal”. Who knows, maybe it’s changing. Anyways, on to why you’re really here.

I was rushing out the door late for work when Tara (my wife) stopped me with a pregnancy test stick in hand, “It’s positive, we’re pregnant!” This was great news, she hadn’t had a period in two months so we were at the point of going to a doctor and asking what was up? So to finally have a test confirm what we were thinking was great, but all I could say was, “Are you serious?” as I grabbed at the test to decipher the lines for myself. I handed it back to her, kissed her, and ran to my car. Granted, this was a little better than the first time I found out I was going to be a dad, but that’s for another time. However, the same rush of emotions hit me, WOOHOO!!!/stress/joy/stress/excitement/stress/elation/stress/WOOHOO!!!/…stress.

No moar toys in the bathtub

That day was a blur; I don’t even remember what happened. All I could think about was that we were expecting our second kid. Is it another boy, or a girl? How much more would I have to make to pay the bills? We’re going to need a bigger apartment, or should we look at finally getting a house? Is our cat going to get territorial? Is Preston (our almost three year old) going to adjust well? Is my wife going to be the same this pregnancy as she was the last one? Will she get sick like last time?

Driving back home I did feel bad for leaving the way I did, but on the plus side I knew her mom would be flying in town so her mind was preoccupied with telling her mom and getting ready for her arrival. Not to mention she and her sister were officially pregnant at the same time, so I was hopeful she’d be more focused on that and less on her husband running away to work after telling him she was pregnant.

Preston was really excited; he wanted to play with the baby “right now” so he was more than confused when told he had to wait. I was really proud of his answer when asked, “Do you want a baby brother or sister?” Preston answered, “I just want a baby”.

After Tara’s mom left, the morning sickness kicked in. To me it seemed she was sicker this time around than she was with Preston. But she then informed me I wasn’t around as much for the sickness last time. Our old routine was I’d get up in the morning for work, help her down to the car, drop her off at her parents, then I’d head to work, come back, pick her up and go home, then she’d crawl into bed and go to sleep. But since then we’ve moved 2,000 miles from both our immediate families so I can’t exactly “drop her off”; and with Preston not understanding why his mom is sick, it’s a lot more to handle now than we did previously.

If you and your partner have had kids before then you know her sense of smell is in over drive. If you haven’t yet, make sure you ask her before you bring [insert food of choice here] into the vicinity of the home. When it was just me, this was okay. I could deal with it. During the first pregnancy I brought myself home some Chinese food to eat, as soon as I opened the door she yelled, “Eat that outside please.” And so I ate outside on our apartment balcony.

With Preston, he and I pretty much eat what Tara can’t stand smelling when she’s sleeping or in another part of the apartment with the door shut. And since he’s used to eating with her around, it’s tough getting him to sit still and not run back and forth, and in-between this running back and forth I hear Tara gagging from getting a whiff of Preston’s breath.

After her doctor got her some medication to help with the nausea, things began to go back to normal somewhat. I got a lesson in what “clean really means” and I figured out a few dishes I could make Preston and I that wouldn’t send Tara running away. Things are looking up, and right in time to. The first prenatal visit was coming up.

I missed the first official visit due to a work conflict. I was kind of bummed; we were supposed to get to hear the baby’s heart beat. But Tara called me and informed me we were WAY off on our
estimates. It seemed she skipped a period so she was actually not as far along as we thought which meant, no way could we hear the heart beat just yet. Until they confirmed how far along she was there was a slight freak out moment. When she was pregnant with Preston we had a checkup and he had turned in such a way that they couldn’t find his heart beat or see him on the ultrasound, an expectant parent’s worst nightmare. A quick ultrasound confirmed everything was fine; apparently Tara just needed to eat something.

Since Tara’s getting over the sickness we’re getting into more of a normal routine, which is a good thing. She’s especially glad she’s getting over it because Preston was starting to mimic her getting sick (I still laugh). She’s beginning to show a little bit and Preston keeps asking “what’s in there?” Tara and I have done this before, Preston’s the one who’s seeing changes taking place and it’s getting him involved in what we do daily to get more excited about it and less “hey it’s not about me anymore!”

We were a little apprehensive about taking Preston back with Tara on our latest visit to the doctor, last time when they did the ultrasound he thought they were hurting her and threw a fit. This time he sat on my lap as they prepped her to do a Doppler, he got a little fidgety but when his ears heard the distinct sound of a heart beat; he stopped and got the biggest grin on his face. We all did.

Since then we found out our next one is going to be a boy, Pacey Michael.