I should start this off with admitting, I haven’t done any of these…yet. But I fully intend to. I’ve written out the recipes as I think they should be done, but I’m no culinary genius or even an amateur for that matter. Just a guy who is posting his thoughts on some probable bacony goodness in hopes others might try it out as well.

Before I dive too much into the actual recipes let’s begin with what you’ll need:

  • A roll of biscuit dough
  • Cooked bacon chopped/ground up

Purpose of the biscuit dough

Growing up my dad would make me and my brothers homemade donuts, and let me tell you they were AWESOME! He’d take a can of biscuit dough, separate the slices then take the cap of a salt/pepper shaker cut the holes out of the middle then deep fry the biscuits to make donuts. Next, he’d take some powdered sugar and sift it over the golden brown goodness that lay before us. But the best part? He’d take the holes of the donuts and cook those in the same manner. It was great.

So the purpose of the biscuit dough, if you haven’t figured it out by now is to serve as your donuts. But, I wouldn’t fry those biscuits just yet.

What about the cooked/ground up bacon?

Once you’ve cooked and chopped/ground up the bacon of your choice (or if you’ve bought the Hormel Bacon bits) roll/coat the pre-cooked biscuit dough in the bacon. Then, fry it! I’m not sure how long, with the biscuit dough it usually takes a couple of minutes depending on how hot you have the oil in the fryer. So you might want to make a couple of donuts without the bacon before attempting this and add another minute or two onto it once you actually attempt this.

So why haven’t you made these?

Well we’ve moved a few times over the past years and well, we lost our fryer in one of the moves. So once I get one again, I’ll be sure to make a video and post what I did to make these delectable goodness that is the homemade bacon donuts and donut holes. However, if you’ve gone ahead and attempted this successfully please let me know and I’ll gladly post/link to it here. Enjoy and happy bacon eating!

Comments (4)

  1. all i can say that bacon flavored donut is so delicious and i want to try that one time.

  2. you should also marinate the bacon just to add some flavor on it. At the same time this gives the bacon additional taste the moment you will cook it. In my case I don’t really chop the bacon especially when I am making snacks and breakfast. I just roll them on the sausage and hot dog and cook them properly.

  3. Josh,
    What a wonderful idea!  I love love love bacon and the thought of it mixed in with the biscuit dough seems to be really good!  You should probably add cheese to it too, I bet it’ll taste really cool.  Maybe adding sausages or a good brand of spanish chorizo to the dough mix will result in good ones too!  I’ll give your recipe a try.  Thanks a lot.

  4.  Nice tips to how to make a Bacon at home and homemade donuts.