Road Trip!

Well today is gonna be a REALLY short day at work as I’m leaving around noon to go home, pack and head to Arkansas with Tara and Preston to meet up with my family in Van Buren, AR. It has been a few months since we’ve seen my parents, even longer since seeing my Aunt, Uncle and Grandma, not to mention my cousins. So I’m looking forward to it. The drive will only be around four hours compared to the normal eight it would take to get to my parents house in Benton, AR. We’ll be there until late Saturday afternoon, so it’s a short trip but a good one nonetheless.

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Here a deer there a deer everywhere a deer deer! Ole Shawnee has a problem Ee i ee i OH NO! Another deer!

I began my day as usual. I got up, kissed my wife and child good-bye as they slept then left to go to work. It was around 6:50ish. I made the turn on to Renner when all of a sudden a flash of brown and white caught my eye then WAM! I hit the deer. I watched in my rearview as the deer hit the asphalt, stood up and ran off the road. Me? I kept driving, where there is one deer there are five more behind it. The damage was very minimal, a smashed headlight and bent hood. I’ll post some pictures later. Continuing my drive to work I began to laugh. A few days prior to my accident a protestor stood at the general location where I hit the deer speaking out against the decision to decrease the deer population in the park. I heard that the normal density for these animals should be 60 per square mile, in Lenexa the density is 200 per square mile. Hey maybe someone should to a remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Birds” in Lenexa and call it “Deer”. I read in the Shawnee Dispatch a few resident concerns where how inhumane it would be. Really? Inhumane? So I guess its more humane for the deer to get hit by a car receive a broken rib which will puncture the lung leading to a very slow and painful death choking on its own blood. Or better yet, don’t do anything and let them all starve out. Inhumane to have to hunters kill off the deer?

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Greetings Word Press!

Greetings Everyone!

I’m glad to finally find a place to express myself, my ideas that isn’t related to xanga or myspace. I’ve heard such great things about wordpress and I’m glad to finally get some time to write out my first post.

Currently I’m learning search engine optimization and video editing. Two of four things I’m passionate about. The other two (more importantly) are my wife, Tara and our nine month old boy, Preston. Believe me I’ll have stories about him to come.

I’ve heard its good to keep the initial post short, so bye!

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