Four Things I Learned In 2010

With 2010 coming to an end, a lot of people are starting to come up with their New Year resolutions. Ever since high school I’ve kept the same resolution year after year that my basketball coach told me we should focus on each ball season, “Have more wins than losses than the previous year”. I can honestly say in 2010 I kept this resolution, and by keeping it I’ve learned four things that can be applied to life career anything.

1. Step Out if You’ve Never Flown

There is a saying that goes, “You never know unless you try”, I think it could be said, “Step out if you’ve never flown”. I used to work for a non-profit in Kansas City doing anything and everything they asked me to do. Most of it was writing grants, organizing fundraisers and updating the website. After a few years of this I knew I wanted something else. So close to the end of 2009 I started to prepare myself to leave the company to “attempt to fly”. And after a month I did, but I didn’t really get tested until the beginning of 2010 when I would finally get the job I was seeking. I learned a lot from that time in my life:

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Fred Meyers Reward Card Fail

If there is one thing I’ve learned from living in various states, it’s that each area has their own “local grocery store”. For instance, my home town in Arkansas had a placed called Jades, my college town had a store called Brookshires, and my home town in Kansas has a grocery store called Hen House. In Lacey, WA there isn’t a “local grocery store”, or if there is I haven’t found it yet, but instead I shop at Fred Meyers. Fred Meyers isn’t exactly a small store; it’s pretty big and has a lot more than just groceries. But regardless of size, all of these stores had some type of “rewards/discount program” that allowed customers to sign up for a free account in order to acquire points or be eligible for discounts. And out of all of these reward programs, Fred Meyers leaves somewhat of a bad taste in my mouth.

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Changes Ahead…

On September 3rd my job was eliminated. I felt like a failure, panic set in, and everything got blurry. As the person who was telling me about my severance package was talking, I began thinking about who I should contact first to get insight about a potential job. As I was packing up my desk I had figured out who I would contact first, and at my car I began emailing those names. Seven hours later I was chatting online with someone who then offered me an unbelievable job. SEO Project Manager at click2rank. But there was a catch; we would have to move to Washington. So after thinking it over with my wife, we’ve decided to take the job and move. Last week was spent finalizing everything; this week will be spent in Washington finding a place to live at. And if all goes as expected, I’ll be driving up to our new place at the beginning of next week.

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Peanuts and Due Diligence

This past Sunday I was enjoying some chinese takeout by myself watching the worst movie ever on the SyFy channel, when I heard a “crack” and felt a pop. Then I swallowed something that tasted really funny. I spit out a whole peanut and pieces of an off white hardened object, pieces of my tooth. Then I realized I swallowed the other parts that broke off. Rather than get upset I simply set the pieces aside to check on my tooth. Sure enough there was a huge chunk missing. It didn’t hurt really bad, but as the day progressed it got worse. My wife took a look at it and said she thought it looked as if the tooth had a cavity in it, which would have weakened it. The dental assistant I saw the next day confirmed it was a cavity. So to prevent it from becoming a fracture I getting a crown on Wednesday. I got to say I’d rather deal with a crown than with a fractured tooth.

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#FF IRL Edition – Why These Tweeps?

Well I almost didn’t do a Follow Friday post today. But I figured I’d better, have to keep pushing myself to stay consistent. When it came to picking what topic to base this Follow Friday on I found myself in quite the conundrum. I mean I just got to meet a lot of people I’ve met via Twitter locally last night at the inaugural Social Media Club of Johnson County; and this weekend I’ll be meeting up with some tweeps I haven’t met yet/have already met at BlueGlass LA. So, I thought I’d make a mix of the two and call this edition of #FF IRL Tweeps:

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My rants on follows & friend requests

I typically don’t do posts two days in a row, and tomorrow will make three when I do my #FF post. Though I do need to begin doing more each week. I’m just sick and tired of getting @ replies and seeing screen names ‘ifollowback’ on twitter. In addition to this I’ve gotten one too many friend requests on Facebook from spammy accounts that claim we share one commonality. I’ll admit there have been rants about these before. But sometimes I feel you just have to let loose to get it out of your system. I hope you’re settled in for a good read, this may take a while.

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What’s Your Passion

The title of this post is a question I’d really like some answers to. I’ve read so much top 5 this or easy steps to do that, that I’ve held my vomit in a few too many times. Call this post what you will, but I honestly feel that there are some in the field of internet marketing, be it SEO, SMM or any aspect of SEM, that might not be able to answer this. The reason I feel this way is there are those who got into this field purely for the money, and let’s be honest, if you’re good at it you can make a nice living from it. But for me and a few others I know the money was just a side benefit. There was something more. A few months ago I had the honor of going to my first ever search marketing conference. I got to go because I won a contest by simply writing how I got into SEO. It was called ‘Your Story’ Contest. You can read the story here. But, there is more to it.

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#FF Helpful Edition – Why These Tweeps?

Twitter can be used in a variety of ways. Some good and some, well, not so good. Lately I’ve started putting my trust in my twitter network to ask some questions, and I’ve found answers every time. In this edition of Follow Friday I’ve selected the accounts that I’ve found to not only be response, but very helpful. And if these tweeps don’t have the answer, they either know who knows or know where to get the answer/help at. Not just anyone can do this. I mean sure you throw enough darts at a board one will hit the bullseye. But these peeps toss’em out one at a time and hit the center mark every. single. time. So it is with great privilege and honor I present to you, #FF Helpful Edition:

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I got the day off! Vlog to come later this week…

I got the day off today! Since July 4th fell on a weekend the office shut down on Monday. So don’t expect any blog posts for the next few days. I’m able to take it easy. I am working on my first vlog I’m hoping to post by Wednesday. I got an invitation to Digg Alpha . I’m gonna use Camtasia to show those who haven’t seen it (Digg Alpha) a quick tour. There are some pretty cool changes they’ve made to it. If anyone has an idea on another vlog I should do I’m all ears. Thanks for stopping by.

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Kansas City Edition Follow Friday

Every Friday that has come around since I’ve gotten plugged into Twitter it’s been interesting to see who other people nominate to follow. Most of the time a tweet looks something like this:

And while some may argue this is fine, I’d like to know why them? I’m not the only one who feels this way:

So to make the most of Follow Friday/#FF/#FollowFriday, how however you hastag it, I’ve created a short list of tweeps to follow.This Follow Friday is dedicated to my local Twitter friends. I’m sad to say that when I first started exploring networks in search and social marketing my local network has been the last one I’ve looked at. That really needs to be added to my list for using social media to find a job. Local networks are vital and luckily I have connected, on an entry level, with a group here in the Kansas City area. So without further ado here is a short list of local tweeps to follow (with reason):

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