I’m Suggesting…Thanksgiving!

Who doesn’t love messing with Google/Bing/Yahoo and newly Blekko suggest? If you haven’t already played around with the suggest feature, I urge you to do so. Though I will warn you, it can waste a lot of time that could be used for something a bit more…productive. But, I’m rambling. There have been a few articles already done using/exploiting this feature so get ready for yet another, but it has a twist. Since it’s time for Thanksgiving, I wondered, what does Thanksgiving mean to the search engines. First I just looked for “Thanksgiving”:

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My 5 favorite videos from college

College was a great time for me. I learned a little more about myself, made some great friends had some interesting experiences and more importantly discovered fascinating videos. The night before tests my roommates and I would browse the next in search of video clips for a laugh to break up the mundane task of studying. I’ll admit some of the clips below have been overused, but in their own right remind me of some of the best times I had in college. I hope you enjoy watching them, but a word of caution. Each one WILL become stuck in your head for the remainder of the day, and in some extreme cases your lifetime.

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What Twitter is/What Twitter isn’t

I’m gonna start this off by saying there are many different ways to use Twitter. Individuals can use it for whatever way they want to. This post is completely satirical and merely reflects the funniest/oddest/dumbest tweets I’ve read lately. At the end of this post if you’ve come across any tweets that you think are completely insane, please share with the class. Enjoy 🙂

What Twitter is:
A way to connect with others-

What Twitter isn’t:
A place to gripe about not getting a tip-

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